75 Ad Agency New Business articles, posts, reports, surveys and white papers

There is a growing roster of ad agency new business blogs that provide a platform for thought-leaders to exchange ideas, learn from each other and their audience. From these I have I’ve created a repository of 75 ad agency new business articles, posts, white papers, reports and surveys discovered as part of my daily reading.

Edward Boches, CCO for the Mullen Agency: What Twitter Can Do For You

Edward Boches writes an excellent article on what Twitter has done for him as Chief Creative Officer for the Mullen agency.

The New Era of Socialized Media, Relationships are the New Currency

Brian Solis, “Media is experiencing a textbook Darwinian definition of survival of the fittest … Media will re-emerge as a more dynamic, nimble, and innovative medium. In the era of Socialized Media, relationships are the new currency and participation and collaboration are emerging as the new information exchange.

Prediction: Ad Agencies that make social media central to their business model will be hiring

Social media is still relatively new, especially to ad agencies, but I want to make a prediction:
The small-to midsize ad agencies that make social media central to their business model will find success and thrive in spite of the recession. You’ll soon know who they are because they’ll be the ones hiring.

Ad Agency New Business News from the Front Lines

I usually have my blog post written in advance and have preselected the date/time for at least five post to be published for any given week. This week has been a bit different. For some reason it has been more of a challenge this week comparative to others. I thought I would make this post a bit more personal to share what I’m hearing from small-to midsize ad agencies across the country.

10 Things a Clear Positioning Provides For Your Ad Agency

Trying to appeal to everyone appeals to no one.

Without a point of differentiation you will find it difficult to effectively market and promote your agency and you will struggle to succinctly define your agency and what it does.

10 Things a Clear Positioning Provides for Your Ad Agency

Google Reader is a Great Time Saver for Agency Principals

Ever since RSS became a standard for publishing material on the web, the way that we received our information changed. User’s don’t have to go find content; it comes to them automatically. There are many RSS Feed Readers, but my favorite is Google Reader which is a browser based application that is easy to use and organize.

The Third of Five Ways to Promote Your Agency Using Social Media

At the core of every good team there’s a good plan. This is the person who pulls everything together. They build the Social Media Marketing plan and determine what the objective of the campaign is and therefore what tools should be utilized and how.

The First of Five Ways to Promote Your Ad Agency Using Social Media

First and foremost, it is critical that you and your staff understand and participate in social media by learning about it firsthand. One of the best ways you can learn is to develop a blog site for your agency. Just remember that motive matters. It is not about your agency, it is about benefiting your audience. If done correctly, you will be amazed at the response.

The Slack Barshinger Agency – Blog of the Month

Written by All of Us, The Slack Barshinger agency’s blog, Chicago, IL, was selected by FUEL LINE readers as the Agency Blog of the Month for October. They received 94 of the 196 votes cast.