Try Speaking for Ad Agency New Business

public speaking for ad agency new business

Speaking at events attended by your best prospects will provide you with instant credibility and create immediate new business opportunities. Public speaking is an excellent tactic for business development, particularly for small to midsize agency owners. Having the opportunity to speak in front of … [Read more...]

Advertising Agencies Should Avoid The Pitch

ad agency pitch

I happen to be a fan of AMC's reality television show, The Pitch. Not because it is creating national attention and buzz for our industry, but primarily because it shows the flaws of agencies pitching for new business. In the first episode of season two, the winning agency, Breensmith, Atlanta, GA, … [Read more...]

SlideShare: Steve Jobs’ 10 Presentation Tactics

steve jobs presentation tactics

Developing the ability to be a great presenter is an important skill set for agency new business. The first speech I ever gave, I read through my outline in just a few minutes then stood speechless in front of about 100 people not knowing what to do next.  Greatly embarrassed, I vowed to never let … [Read more...]

For ad agency presentations body language trumps content

Michael Gass Presentation Mirren New Business

‘The body says what words cannot.’’ Martha Graham In a study conducted by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, 55% of communication cues come from a speaker’s physical presence, 38% from tone, and only 7% from the spoken words. When presenting for agency new business remember, YOU are the most … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Using Google Plus Hangouts for Agency New Business

Brad Ball Moroch Agency new business

Hangouts allow you to video conference in real-time with up to 10 people in a virtual room which makes it a great tool for new business.  The screen-capture above is a Google Plus Hangout with Brad Ball, former CMO McDonald's/USA, President of Marketing for Warner Bros Entertainment and VP of … [Read more...]

Pixar: 10 Tips for Creating Appealing Stories for Ad Agency New Business

story shots for ad agency new business

A powerful story is your secret to connecting with prospective clients. Developing the ability to craft compelling stories is an important skill set for agency new business. Stories engage attention and inspire action. I have witnessed my fair share of agency presentations. Most provide thorough … [Read more...]

SlideShare: Presentation Trends For Ad Agency New Business

slideshare for ad agency new business

The Biggest and Best Uses of SlideShare for Ad Agency New Business. Here’s a brief synopsis if you are unfamiliar with SlideShare. Launched in October of 2006, it is a slide hosting service, often called the "YouTube of presentations". SlideShare claims to be the world's largest professional … [Read more...]

The Reader’s Digest Version of the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

steve jobs

Steve Jobs is a master presenter and he provides some important lessons that are helpful to any ad agency pitch opportunity. Carmine Gallo’s book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is a must read. There's much to learn from Jobs presentation tactics and style since delivering. Applying his … [Read more...]

The 10-20-30 Rule for Keynote Presentations for Ad Agency New Business

Clarity, brevity and connectivity are key for winning presentations. During my advertising career I've been part of and a witness to hundreds of agency presentations using PowerPoint or Keynote. I've seen many new business opportunities wasted because agencies couldn't get their point across, tried … [Read more...]

4 Presentation Tips from Lee Iacocca for Ad Agency New Business

public speaking for ad agency new business

The former Chrysler CEO's speech writing team provides some useful information for how ad agency executives can inspire their staffs, clients and prospective clients by the spoken word. "Lee" Iacocca is an American businessman and pitchman, known for his revival of the Chrysler Corporation in the … [Read more...]