The Preeminent Thought Leader on How to Win Ad Agency Pitches

Win more ad agency new business pitches. It’s easier than you think. Peter Levitan has been described as a serial new business pitcher. He has delivered global, regional, and very local new business pitches for over 30 years. He has a Hall Of Fame pitch batting average. Peter ran business development and marketing at Saatchi […]

The Best Pitching Guide Book for Agency New Business

win more ad agency new business pitches

The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. is the most comprehensive guide for developing a winning pitch management system that I have ever read.  Pitching for new business is costly. A lot of time, money and morale are lost because of poor decisions, bad planning and a lack of adequately managing the pitch process. […]

Advertising Agencies Should Avoid The Pitch

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I happen to be a fan of AMC’s reality television show, The Pitch. Not because it is creating national attention and buzz for our industry, but primarily because it shows the flaws of agencies pitching for new business. In the first episode of season two, the winning agency, Breensmith, Atlanta, GA, lost the new account to the losing […]

SlideShare: Steve Jobs’ 10 Presentation Tactics

steve jobs presentation tactics

Developing the ability to be a great presenter is an important skill set for agency new business. The first speech I ever gave, I read through my outline in just a few minutes then stood speechless in front of about 100 people not knowing what to do next.  Greatly embarrassed, I vowed to never let that […]

Pixar: 10 Tips for Creating Appealing Stories for Ad Agency New Business

story shots for ad agency new business

A powerful story is your secret to connecting with prospective clients. Developing the ability to craft compelling stories is an important skill set for agency new business. Stories engage attention and inspire action. I have witnessed my fair share of agency presentations. Most provide thorough content based upon good research, but what is often lacking is […]

The Reader’s Digest Version of the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a master presenter and he provides some important lessons that are helpful to any ad agency pitch opportunity. Carmine Gallo’s book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is a must read. There’s much to learn from Jobs presentation tactics and style since delivering. Applying his simple formula can greatly improve any agency’s pitch and […]

Use Social Media to Build Relationships Before the Pitch for Ad Agency New Business

Social media allows you to achieve a high level of familiarity and validation before your agency’s next new business pitch. Prospective clients are looking for chemistry and likability in their ad agency partners as part of the pitch process. Chemistry doesn’t have to be a crap shoot. One of the great things about the internet […]

Resources for Successfully Pitching for Ad Agency New Business

If you want to win pitches for new business I would encourage you to be a constant student of public speaking. This week my resource is a bit dated but can be just as helpful. I’d like to go back in time to the 1930’s, “Monroe’s motivated sequence,” is a technique for organizing persuasive speeches that is still in use today. It was developed by Alan H. Monroe at Purdue University.

Should Ad Agency Pitches and RFPs Be a Thing of the Past?

rfp ad agency new business

The advertising industry is rapidly changing. Will agency pitches and RFPs be a thing of the past and if so, what will take their place for best business development practices that are a better benefit for both clients and ad agencies?