Facebook IS the Media for Ad Agency New Business

facebook for ad agency new business

Facebook has become an important element in our daily lives it is also important for new business. If you aren’t sharing your content on Facebook, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Why? “Facebook has over a billion users, and according to a Pew study, 72% of American adults use it.” Of the approximate 1.6 billion […]

Use Your Personal Facebook Profile for Ad Agency New Business

Facebook for Ad Agency New Business

The new normal for new business integrates your personal life and your work life.   If you really want to generate new business through social media – get personal. Learn to use social media to humanize your agency. It’s the secret sauce that most agencies have neglected.  Because of technology and social media, the line between your personal and […]

The Best Time to Post, Pin and Tweet for Ad Agency New Business

what is the best time to post, pin and tweet

Timing is critical when it comes to engaging with your social media audience. To increase the Click-Through-Rate of your article links and boot your website traffic, you need to be posting and tweeting at the best times. Figuring out the best times to post, you’ll need to consider such as the time zones where your best prospects […]

HootSuite Pro for Ad Agency New Business

Hootsuite for ad agency new business

 You can better manage and improve your agency’s New Business | Social Media program using HooteSuite Pro. In a recent survey, time management was one of the top three areas of difficulty agencies were having using social media for new business. There are a number of tools that I recommend to help manage your agency’s […]

Infographic: Social Media Demographics for Ad Agency New Business

You must choose and know your audience if you are to have success using social media for new business. Most small to midsize agencies refuse to name who their target is because of the fear of missing a new business opportunity that won’t be reflective of their target audience. They lack the will power to […]

Ad Agencies: Facebook’s True Ambition

Robert Scoble, best known for his blog, Scobleizer, reports from Facebook’s F8 developer conference with some enlightening interviews and video of Facebook’s press conference. His first interview is with David Kirkpatrick is very enlightening and I wanted to share it with the readers of Fuel Lines. David is one of the foremost authorities of Facebook. He just finished a book, The Facebook Effect, about Facebook. David says, “This is not just another company, it is a transformational phenomenon, it is really great, but it is really scary in some ways too.”

Study: Fortune 100 companies using Twitter more than any other social media platform

It’s important for agencies to stay on top of social media marketing trends as we continue to watch the evolution of components to this new media channel. Agencies and clients continue experimenting with social media platforms such as Twitter. I thought this new study by Burson-Marsteller and Proof Digital Media would be of interest.

100 Facebook Tools for Ad Agency New Business

The INSIDECRM blog provides a comprehensive list of 100 tools and tips that will help your ad agency to maximize the marketing opportunities available through Facebook.

Facebook: An Important Tool For Ad Agency New Business

With all the excitement and popularity of Twitter, agencies need to remember that Facebook is the largest social network in the world with some 200 million subscribers. It’s hard to believe that Facebook started by college students in 2004. It will continue to have amazing growth and dominance for the foreseeable future and can be an important component to your agency’s new business.

An Extensive List of “How To” Social Media Tools

Mashable, All That’s New on the Web blog, is one of my favorite for online resources. Mashable writer, Pete Cashmore has assembled a great list of new media tools for ad agency new business.