Drive Ad Agency New Business With A PR Plan

The Art of Telling Your Agency Story for New Business Don Beehler is a public relations/communications consultant to advertising agencies throughout the nation. His career includes agency, corporate communications and journalism experience, and he has worked with news media from local to international levels. Don has also co-authored or ghost written three books for clients. The idea for […]

How to Craft an Agency PR Plan That Drives New Business

A Plan That Drive Ad Agency New Business

“A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” – H. Stanley Judd, Author, Think Rich While there are many things that go into a successful ad agency new business program, one that is often overlooked or underutilized is the strategic use of public […]

How Ad Agencies Can Use PR to Drive New Business

Don Beehler PR for Advertising Agencies

No other marketing tool replicates what PR can do when it comes to building trust with important audiences. This is a guest post written by Don Beehler, PR Consultant and author. Don has been a colleague and personal friend for over a decade. He writes a helpful blog to advertising agencies entitled, The Art of […]

7 Tips to Find Time for Ad Agency New Business

Your agency’s new business program must be sustainable at the times when your agency is at its busiest. Too often new business development is put on the back burner until existing business decreases and a downturn begins. That creates a roller coaster effect on your agency’s pipeline of prospects which impacts agency income and causes you to accept the wrong type of client, from the wrong pool of prospects who do not fit your agency’s strengths and core competencies.

Why Ad Agency Principals Should Consider Writing a Book

This is a guest post written by Don Beehler. Don is the author of the blog, The Art of Telling Your Agency’s Story. He provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.

75 Ad Agency New Business articles, posts, reports, surveys and white papers

There is a growing roster of ad agency new business blogs that provide a platform for thought-leaders to exchange ideas, learn from each other and their audience. From these I have I’ve created a repository of 75 ad agency new business articles, posts, white papers, reports and surveys discovered as part of my daily reading.

Ad Agencies Need A Consistent PR Strategy for New Business

One of the most effective forms of communications for ad agencies is a public relations strategy. The right PR strategy can properly position your agency in the minds of your prospective audience. Don Beehler, founder of ABC & D Communications recently wrote an article regarding the need for a consistent PR effort for ad agency new business.