Content Marketing: Hire a Journalist for Ad Agency New Business


Making the case for hiring a journalist to help create your agency’s content. Business development for agencies has gone through a significant paradigm shift.  In the past, agencies relied on outbound or interruption type marketing tactics that pushed their message through email blasts to purchased … [Read more...]

Is the financial bonus what really motivates your ad agency’s salesperson?

commission for ad agency new business

Raising the discussion about compensation for those charged with ad agency new business. It is time to re-think how we compensate those "odd ducks" who do what no one else wants to do, selling the agency's services. The motivation for creating new business opportunities is thought to be fueled … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Be Found for Ad Agency New Business


Tips for creating a larger online presence to be found by your agency's best prospects. Almost five years ago I had an epiphany for new business. It came from a CMO Study, released in early 2008, where 85% of decision makers said they found their vendors not the other way around. I realized there … [Read more...]

Video Editing is Becoming an Important Skill Set for Ad Agency New Business

Tom Martin video production agency new business

The skill set for doing agency new business is changing so be prepared to adapt. “There are not a whole lot of people who have done this job in the past who know how to do it well now,” Avi Dan, a former new business executive at Euro RSCG, Berlin Cameron United and Saatchi who’s now president of … [Read more...]

Nobody Reads Ad Agency Blogs?

nobody read ad agency blogs

Why most agencies may be ready to ditch their blog and why they shouldn't.  Jack Marshall, a staff writer for Digiday wrote an article that is creating lots of buzz entitled, "Agencies Ditch Blogs." He points to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, that reveals that only … [Read more...]

Green Marketing and Social Media Creates New Business for Phoenix Ad Agency

It's always helpful to hear how agencies have used social media to create new business opportunities, a point of differentiation and a positioning of expertise. Park&CO is a full-service advertising agency in Phoenix, Arizona. They were your typical small to mid-size agency and no real … [Read more...]

Blair Enns: 12 Revolutionary Proclamations for Ad Agency New Business

blair enns win without pitching ad agency new business

How to win new business without pitching, reclaim control of client engagements and stop giving away your thinking for free.  My friend, John Sharpe,  has spent nearly forty years in the ad agency business and the last twenty in business development exclusively. He is a personal friend and mentor … [Read more...]

Infographic: Social Media Demographics for Ad Agency New Business

You must choose and know your audience if you are to have success using social media for new business. Most small to midsize agencies refuse to name who their target is because of the fear of missing a new business opportunity that won’t be reflective of their target audience. They lack the will … [Read more...]

Fast Company: 20 Top Insights For Creating Appealing Content


Creating content for new business can offer 24/7 awareness for your agency. Creating good content requires agencies to think first and foremost from the point of view of their prospective client audience. They need to create and curate content that their audience finds helpful and appealing to … [Read more...]

16 Systems to Simplify Ad Agency New Business

systems for ad agency new business

Every agency needs detailed methods, procedures and routines for consistency and success in new business. Small to mid-size agencies have common problems when it comes to new business: They often excuse their inconsistency by being the cobbler’s children who have no shoes. It's time to visit … [Read more...]