8 Tips That Will Make Ad Agency New Business Easier

make ad agency new business easier

Learn how to accelerate your agency’s positioning, inbound lead generation, network and referral business. Since 2007, I’ve conducted over 200 new business workshops for agencies in North and South America and Europe. No matter what country, I find there are some common problems when it comes to business development that makes it harder than it needs […]

Ad Agencies: Audience Development Comes Before Business Development

build an audience for ad agency new business

Building an engaged online community should now be a core responsibility of business development. Inspiration for this article came from Duct Tape Marketing’s founder, John Jantsch,  from his recent podcast interview with Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Vice President of Marketing Insights for ExactTarget,  Jeffrey is also the author of AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers. […]

Why are ad agencies so bad at new business?

ad agencies are bad at new business

Business development doesn’t have to be so hard for small to midsize agencies.  I’ve spent almost my entire advertising  career in business development. I can tell you from my experience that agencies are historically bad when it comes to marketing themselves. It’s as if they lose their marketing minds. They tend to forget the very […]

Stop the Bullying for Ad Agency New Business

ad agencies need to stop the bullying for new business

Agencies have only themselves to blame, making it easy for clients to bully them around.  Agencies claim to be different but most are pretty much the same and sameness always breeds differentiation based on price.  There has been little innovation from agencies to migrate away from the old model of advertising. It still astounds me […]

Webinar: How Content Marketing Can Jump Start Your Agency’s New Business

ad agency new business webinar

March 26, 2013 / 1:00 – 2:00 Eastern This webinar is being hosted by Thought Legion and is designed for those charged with new business for advertising, digital, media and public relations’ agencies. A recent agency survey indicates that agencies better understand the potential of social media. Almost 70% believe that social media is great for new business […]

Try Dropbox for Ad Agency New Business

dropbox cloud storage service for ad agencies

  The potential productivity for the new business traveller of using cloud-based services, in combination with mobile devices, is substantial. If you are in charge of new business, it often means you are “going out on the road”.  Having all you need to do your work while traveling can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead. […]

How to Build A Platform for Ad Agency New Business

Michael Hyatt Platform for ad agency new business

If you’re serious about taking your agency to the next level, “you can’t succeed without a platform.” Most agencies were late getting into social media. Then they literally “jumped in” with little to show for their time and effort. It takes more than a completed check-list for having an agency blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts […]

Content Marketing: Hire a Journalist for Ad Agency New Business


Making the case for hiring a journalist to help create your agency’s content. Business development for agencies has gone through a significant paradigm shift.  In the past, agencies relied on outbound or interruption type marketing tactics that pushed their message through email blasts to purchased lists, cold calls, outsourced telemarketing, and direct mail. Outbound marketing […]

Is the financial bonus what really motivates your ad agency’s salesperson?

commission for ad agency new business

Raising the discussion about compensation for those charged with ad agency new business. It is time to re-think how we compensate those “odd ducks” who do what no one else wants to do, selling the agency’s services. The motivation for creating new business opportunities is thought to be fueled primarily by financial rewards, the traditional […]

25 Ways to Be Found for Ad Agency New Business


Tips for creating a larger online presence to be found by your agency’s best prospects. Almost five years ago I had an epiphany for new business. It came from a CMO Study, released in early 2008, where 85% of decision makers said they found their vendors not the other way around. I realized there was […]