You need to do this one thing to build your ad agency’s brand …

writing for ad agency new business

  If I were the owner of an advertising, digital or media agency, to build my agency’s brand, I would WRITE!  This isn’t a new discovery for me. Since the beginning, I’ve written my way into a thriving new business consultancy. My blog provides a consistent flow of inbound leads. I’ve never had to make […]

Can You Damage Your Ad Agency’s Brand By Ignoring Yours?

ad agency owners personal branding

“People trust brands that have people they can trust.” Not only will a poor personal brand damage your agency’s brand, I believe a non-existent personal brand does so as well. Steve Farnsworth writes and speaks about how smart companies can effectively integrate social media, PR and content marketing into their marketing mix. He is also the Chief Digital […]

How to Win Agency New Business: Interview | Branding Magazine

branding magazine interviews Michael Gass

“Instead of chasing new business using interruptive type tactics… it is more important to be found.” – Michael Gass I was recently interviewed by Chuck Kent, contributing editor for Branding Magazine, for my opinion on what advertising, digital, media and public relation agencies need to do to create new business. Here’s a list of the […]

Can you describe your ad agency’s positioning in 30 seconds?

foundation for ad agency new business is positioning

Can you define your agency’s positioning in a simple statement? I can’t begin to tell you how many agencies I know struggle with this. The starting point for any ad agency new business program is your positioning. It is a fundamental prerequisite for small and midsize agencies. Positioning is everything. But it is also the place where most agencies where most fail.

10 Reasons Ad Agencies Should Participate in Social Media for New Business

Fortunately the debate on whether or not ad agencies should participate in social media is rapidly shifting to how they should participate. But just in case your agency is still on the fence, here are 10 reasons why your ad agency should participate in the social media arena:

Promote Your Ad Agency with SlideShare

Marty Neumeir, President of Neutron, simplifies the art of branding like no other. His brand agency has developed many online promotional tools that has put Neutron at the forefront of brand agencies. Marthy has put together the most powerful presentation on branding I’ve seen yet. The presentation has already been viewed by over 339,049 people thus far on SlideShare. Not a bad way to demonstrate your agency’s expertise utilizing another new media tool. It makes for a great tool for ad agency new business.

Should an advertising agency outsource its own branding?

ad agency branding

The first agency that I’ve ever heard of outsourcing it’s own branding was the Campbell-Mithun advertising agency, Minneapolis. Campbell-Mithum had been building and reviving brands for clients since the 1930s. Back in 2004, their new CEO, Jack Rooney, decided to hire another ad agency, Cue, also of Minneapolis for assistance.