QR Codes for Ad Agency New Business

Agencies need to stay ahead of the curve and have a better understanding of the power of digital codes with the rising popularity of QR codes and the predicted boom for smartphone adoption rates.

QR Codes have great potential for advertisers and marketers. Though early, it is clear that they will also have great promise as a tool for ad agency new business.

Large Ad Agencies Coming Out of the Recession in Good Shape for New Business

recession and ad agency new business

Small to midsize ad agencies should take note of how the big agencies have reconfigured themselves to take advantage of the changing advertising landscape and make some changes of their own. If you thought the big advertising agencies like Omnicom, the WPP Group, Interpublic (IPG), and Publicis are going the way of the dinosaur, you would be sadly mistaken.

New Tool: Using Bit.ly Bundles for Ad Agency New Business

I created the following list of top 10 articles and features that I rounded up to demonstrate Bit.ly’s Bundles, a new multi-Link Sharing tool that uses one URL. Content marketing is a key for using social media for ad agency new business.

How to launch a blog for ad agency for new business — fast!

launch ad agency blog fast

Agencies can’t afford to wait 6 months for social media to help generate new business, they need the business now. An agency blog serves as the central component for your agency’s social media strategy. I’ve compiled my suggested best practices to help you to get your agency’s blog up, focused and running quickly as well as rapidly building your agency’s credibility within this space.

25 Ad Agency Blogs, Choose the Best that Understands Social Media

Review and decide which of these 24 agency blogs best understands and utilizes the popularity of social media. The following agency blogs have been submitted to Fuel Lines. Review and vote for the best agency blog of the month. The winner will be featured in Fuel Lines article and included in the voting for agency blog of the year.

10 Ways to Create An Ad Agency Blog That is Reader-Centric

A key to your agency’s blog success for new business is to put the user’s experience ahead of your own. People don’t have time to work hard for their information. You must be prepared to do some work on their behalf if you want to grow your blog’s traffic and generate inbound leads. Success on the Internet depends on multiplying the number of people who will visit a home page times the proportion who actually buy anything–the percentage who become customers.

5 Tips for Handling Social Media Negativity for Ad Agency New Business

You can’t let a few negative people dictate how you use social media for ad agency new business. Unless you are Rush Limbaugh, most of us don’t enjoy having others say negative things about us. We have a desire to be liked. But please know that if you participate in social media you are guaranteed to get some negative comments. The larger your followers, the more negative comments you can expect.

The Top Advertising Agency Associations and Networks for New Business

advertising agencies global network new business

A network of advertising agencies can improve your agency’s new business through colaboration, strategic alliances and training. A strong agency network can also :

Ad Agencies: 10 Tips That Separates the Best From the Rest

the best advertising agencies

The agencies that win the most new business have a differentiating position from their competitors. “Most managers invest their time and energy in trying to make their firms better, when in fact they should be also be working to make their firms different” – From Positioning for Professionals

7 Benefits from the Right Positioning for Ad Agency New Business

seven benefits of ad agency positioning

The FOUNDATION of an ad agency’s new business program is its positioning. “By appealing to everyone, brands end up appealing to no one. Standing for everything is the same as standing for nothing.” Tim Williams, author of, Positioning for Professionals