The Future of Ad Agency Promotion at Events Through Social Media

  Social media can enhance your special event experience and make networking for new business easier. Without a doubt an industry trade show or conference has been a beneficial professional networking event for business opportunities. Social media has transformed these events and taken them … [Read more...]

Create a Call to Action for Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media

call to action ad agency new business

A strong Call-to-Action is needed to convert your blog's visitors into new business opportunities. The most important key to converting your agency's blog visitors into leads is to have a "call-to-action". A strong call to action is a clear, simple and compelling offer that persuades your readers … [Read more...]

An Ad Agency’s ‘Buy Local Campaign’ Generates New Business

Park Howell, president of Park&Co, a full service agency that specializes in environmental marketing, provides a successful promotional campaign example for how he built awareness for his agency ... by promoting its competition. Arizona is trying to heal the P.R. black eye and business … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Paper Business Cards for Ad Agency New Business

The traditional method of networking with business cards is one of the most cost-effective means of marketing your agency but the online version provides greater opportunities for new business. Online business cards allows an easier and more efficient way to share, receive, organize and even track … [Read more...]

Is the Phone Call an Outmoded Communication Tool?

The debate may have switched from "is cold calling dead" to "is the phone call in general dead" for agency new business. A growing number of persons consider phone calls to be interrupting and annoying. The phone call is rapidly fading as a generation of e-mailing, followed by an explosion in … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Create a Consistent Ad Agency New Business Program

10 tips ad agency new business

Consistency is a key component to ad agency new business. Consistency is more important than perfection. Your agency's new business program must be sustainable at the times when your agency is at its busiest. Too often new business development is put on the back burner until existing business … [Read more...]

Ad Age: A List of the Worst Agency Websites for IPhones and IPads

Attention Agencies: You provide a sweet target for your competition if you don't practice what you preach and aren't doing for yourself what you recommend for clients. The McKinney agency, Durham, NC, recently created some positive press for themselves while creating a firestorm around some of the … [Read more...]

Recycling Older Posts and Articles for Ad Agency New Business

recycle older posts Michael Gass

  Do you recycle? Keeping older content alive can provide additional fuel your agency's inbound lead generation program through social media. It also greatly enhances the return on your writing time investment. Some of the most helpful tips on blog writing I have found online from resources as … [Read more...]

Ad Agency Blog of the Month:

Out of a a group of 38 ad agencies blogs Jane Nation, was selected as Fuel Lines’s Blog of the Month Month for April capturing 42% of the votes casts. Ninety-one percent of women feel misunderstood by advertisers, yet they influence 85 percent of all purchasing decisions. Jane Nation was built to … [Read more...]

The New Rules of Engagement for Ad Agency New Business

new rules of engagement for ad agency new business

Lead generation techniques that include direct mail and cold calls are becoming less effective as new communication channels and technology have greatly altered prospective client behavior. Prospects are using the Internet and related media to learn about agencies that best meet their needs. Your … [Read more...]