Thought Leadership, Millennial Marketing and Ad Agency New Business

creating a niche for ad agency new business

How to humanize your agency, build a positioning of expertise and make a personal connection with your best prospects. This is a guest article written by Jeff Fromm. Jeff is an Executive Vice President at Barkley, which is among the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S. and the … [Read more...]

10 WordPress Plugins for Ad Agency New Business

WordPress Plugins for Ad Agencies

 Using WordPress plugins enhances your reader's experience, allows for easy customization and maintenance of your blog.  I began writing Fuel Lines back in 2007 on the blogging platform Blogger. It wasn't long before I graduated from Blogger to Wordpress. Wordpress is by far the most popular … [Read more...]

27 Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Agency’s Blog Site

boost blog traffic for ad agency new business

If you can't create online traffic, you won't generate leads for new business. Your ad agency's blog should be a central component of your social media strategy for new business. It personalizes your agency and can become an appealing magnet to quickly build a sizable targeted pipeline of … [Read more...]

The Barkley Agency Finds A Niche in Marketing to Millennials

Millennial Marketing Jeff Fromm

  For agency's, this is a great example on how to identify a niche and build a positioning of expertise. Agencies are historically bad at new business. Most do not have an identifiable target audience Many do not have a written plan to market themselves Inconsistent new business … [Read more...]

Why You Need Content for Ad Agency New Business

“If you’re not creating content on the web, you don’t exist.” - Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing since 2003 Digital, social and mobile have changed the way prospective clients consume and share information. Interruptive marketing tactics such as cold calling, direct mail and email blasts … [Read more...]

A 4-step writing formula for ad agency new business

AIDA Formula for Ad Agency New Business

The use of the AIDA Formula can simplify your content marketing. The 1992 movie, Glengarry, Glen Ross, was about a group of desperate and struggling real estate agents. Alec Baldwin plays the role of  their sales motivator. He shares with the group the AIDA formula and then informs them that they … [Read more...]

20 Tips to Create a Niche Blog for Ad Agency New Business

a niche blog for ad agency new business

A niche blog allows agencies to focus on a specific target audience, to create a stronger point of differentiation and a positioning of expertise.  According to a recent agency survey, 86.2% of the respondents believe that content marketing is now an important part of an agency’s new business … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: The 40-25-35 Formula for Effective Writing

content marketing for ad agency new business

Consistently creating good content is now the backbone of online business. Content marketing is proving to be beneficial for gaining a positioning of expertise and thought leadership. It also is the magnet for generating leads and creating new business opportunities without having to pitch for … [Read more...]

Be Sure to Backup and Protect Your Agency’s Content Marketing Investment

VaultPress advertising agencies backup

Don't wait for a catastrophic loss of data to start properly backing-up and protecting your content marketing investment. I've been writing for my agency new business blog for 5 years now. It is my passion and livelihood. But it took an event of lost data to make me as passionate about securing my … [Read more...]

A Blog Post Template for Ad Agency New Business

focus ad agency new business

A blog post template provides focus and saves time developing content for new business. I'm often asked if I use a template for creating my blog post articles and the answer is yes. I also use it with my clients to help them develop a system for content creation that makes writing easier and more … [Read more...]