243 Ad Agencies Share How They are Different from the Rest for New Business

Continued (the remaining 193)  …here is the good, the bad and the ugly, how these 243 agencies said they were different from their competitors:
  1. Marketing without all the markups. Plus, we’re virtual. None of that high-end real estate or excess of traditional agencies. Good place to be.
  2. We have a series of differentiating points from a unique insight process to full integration to solid retail engine.
  3. Best of breed in multicultural marketing.
  4. The management team have all owned their own business in the past. We look at marketing from a sales growth perspective.
  5. It is our people and their collective experience. Our franchise, healthcare and financial experience is extensive.
  6. Aviation category experience.
  7. We specialize in the recruitment realm, specializing specifically in healthcare with a minor focus in education and corporate.
  8. Instead of the traditional agency model, we put together a team of highly experienced pros that fits each client’s specific needs.  The ideas are bigger and better. And it more cost-efficient for the client.
  9. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the customers message.  It seems that their are a lot of vehicle based advertising agencies and our approach is wholistic in nature.
  10. Media agency. Focused on key industries.
  11. ViVA is a national Hispanic agency in business for 14 years. While most Hispanic agencies are focused predominantly on the creative, we focus primarily on brand insight generation and have developed proprietary research methodologies and strategic marketing tools. We have helped our clients make changes in their products to improve their reception by multicultural consumers as well as gear their communications to be more multicultural consumer-centric. The  creative is highly important but based heavily on insights garner directly from the consumer.
  12. A small, highly-creative boutique without the prima donna attitude. We know how to influence consumers through emotion.
  13. Sole focus on environment and public health issues for 13 years.
  14. 949 provides clients with a balanced, single-resource approach to enhancing their web presence through web design, SEO (search engine optimization), web development, brand strategy, publicity, and advertising. Our proven process allows you to assess, build and promote your web properties more quickly and efficiently compared to working with multiple vendors for marketing, SEO and web design.
  15. Strategy, integration, execution in highly technical industries.
  16. We even have a page on our website devoted to this very point: http://www.godfrey.com/Who-We-Are/Why-We-are-Different
  17. We focus on only residential and commercial building products
  18. Fullhouse has a single focus: to simplify complex sales for our clients and their audiences. We call ourselves an “agency with a digital heart.” This means our roots are as a digital marketing agency, and digital channels are often the focal point of the integrated sales and marketing programs we develop. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, cultivating expertise across a range of industries and building capabilities that span traditional, digital and emerging media.
  19. Conversion Optimization – driving sales at retail using online targeting methodologies
  20. 55 years in business and specializing in Insert Media
  21. We are experts in culture – digital culture, geographic culture, the culture of innovation, global culture and more – and how culture influences consumer behavior.
  22. We are fast and ahead of the curve technologically.
  23. We start in the store.  Other agencies start with advertising. We define the position and create powerful and effective in-store brand communications ‚Äì packaging, point-of-sale materials, in-store promotions – then move upstream to creative and effective advertising.  This way, we understand the mindset of the shopper where and when the purchase decision is being made, and translate that understanding to communications.  We have more experience doing this than perhaps any agency with which you‚Äôll speak.   It‚Äôs a completely different and successful approach that is right for today‚Äôs marketplace.
  24. Our experience and skill set is unique.
  25. Our mantra is the only that matters is the right answer. We’re media agnostic and highly developed in digital strategies and social media outreach.
  26. Vertical Industry Expertise.
  27. We are a technology oriented digital media agency.
  28. IMW offers a horizontal array of services for small to medium size businesses which reduces the management time and seeks integration cost-efficiencies.
  29. Google+ AdWords program with unique, in-depth analysis and management.
  30. We are SMART and STRATEGIC; We are NIMBLE and RESPONSIVE; We are YOUR Consumers; We Measure Everything; We Deliver Results; We Have a Proven Track Record; We Have Long-Standing Relationships with our Media Partners; We Pride Ourselves in Flawless Execution; We Get Our Clients Promoted; We Have Fun!
  31. We combine multiple services across channels to help repurpose content to save customers money.
  32. Study crowd behavior and macro trends to target emerging solutions and needs states which engage and build brand equity. We transform crowds to communities which build affinity with the brand.
  33. Business to Business Marketing and Branding in niche markets.
  34. We believe that an integrated marketing plan must consist of a dialogue and relationship with the consumer. Engagement, multi-sensory experiences, technology and relevant brand messaging are part of the mix we provide to our clients.
  35. There are, of course, other agencies in the Experiential space – and other agencies in the Word of Mouth space. Our focus is to use the experience to begin, and then sustain and escalate brand / consumer relationships. What makes us unique is our understanding of how to use Word of Mouth to engage consumers in sustained conversation – both live and on line.
  36. Our target market is highly defined in event and tradeshow marketing campaigns. We are very well known in that space and we try to do a good job of being very visible. We also try to be generous with our pro bono and low-bono work and support the tradeshow industry in their community outreach.
  37. Specialized in specific category.
  38. Smarter. Nicer. Cheaper.
  39. We are a retail focused graphic design firm specializing in consumer electronic products that require branding at retail with packaging, POP, collateral, promotions, sales training and interactive materials. Unlike other graphic design agencies, we focus on the consumer electronic channel and brand the product from the time the customer is researching on the internet to the moment they take the package home. Our client’s products stand out in a competitive environment and are recommended to other customers.
  40. Laser focused differential positioning in a highly specialized, difficult to serve market segment. It couldn’t be any further from “full service ad agency,” “social media” or “digital media blah, blah, blah.” (I won’t go into it here.)
  41. We focus primarily on healthcare, specifically Medicare, accounts.
  42. Only southern branding agency with focus on social media.
  43. We do what gets talked about.
  44. Focus on results
  45. Niche in travel and leisure, hospitality worldwide with highly acclaimed research component which publishes several books annually.
  46. Big-agency thinking and creative ideas in a convenient size. We came from the big agencies, then took our years of experience and best practices, and re-engineered them into a slimmer more nimble, more approachable agency.
  47. Market specialization.
  48. Superior service, resulting from senior-staff involvement, face time with clients and status reporting.
  49. We offer Digital Strategy, along with design, development, etc.  Digital Strategy is one of our core capabilities, and includes Social Media Strategy & Management.  Through all strategies, we measure and report everything, to provide ROI reports.
  50. While others are adding Social Media as a capability, Social Media is all we do.  And all we have done longer than anyone in the space.
  51. Narrow focus…building products, healthcare and the arts. Serving these industries with a seamless blend of very strong strategy and creativity. (Our strataegy drives significant business for us.)
  52. Brand communications strategies for the Christian (faith-based) marketplace.
  53. Concentration on electric utilities, education, healthcare & economic development.
  54. Our thinking and work are more effective.
  55. While it sounds simple, what sets us apart is our commitment to client service – no matter who the client or whatever the task.  We have been told this time and again from our clients and now they are referring new business to us.  It seems intuitive to us but evidently not all agencies do what they say they are going to do, when they say they will do it for the price the agree upon.  But, it is working for us.
  56. We believe in creating programs for our clients that are not only compelling, but are also measurable and engaging.
  57. Specialize in higher education admissions marketing.
  58. Worldwide strategic alliances.
  59. Slaying Sacred Cows: those ingrained behaviours and attitudes in every category that people continue to use because “they’ve always been done that way”
  60. Focused on DIFFERENTIATING the client from everyone else.
  61. Cause Branding Practice with long-term success stories with major brands.  Annual Cause survey.
  62. CPG practice group with multiple success stories and a blog to support their expertise.
  63. We are a selling agency. We’ve invested in a full suite of tools to help clients sell more. And we offer big market talent, at small market rates.
  64. 3 groups within a single agency- creative, teleservices, and database operations teams.
  65. Healthcare.
  66. We think we are different. The way we accommodate and are flexible to actually partner with clients. We don’t want just project work, we want the relationship (e.g. we have account people who work on-site 3-4 days a week at big clients). Small agency approach with big agency experience.
  67. More strategic than other agencies in our niche.
  68. all areas of direct mail (plan to post office)are preformed in-house except printing-many clients have a high comfort level that the many, many details will will be controlled to ensure that the product goes out correctly and on time 99.9% of the time.
  69. Catalyst helps clients find their brand, their evidence of distinction. We then define the marketing and PR strategies that build that brand internally, externally, offline and online. From there, the brand is brought to life through marketing, creative, public relations and web/interactive strategies and execution. Catalyst specializes in strategic brand development and integrated brand execution and implementation through online and offline creative mediums as well as online and offline social media.
  70. For more than 30 years now, Elisco Advertising has gained experience in a wide range of businesses and industries, especially health care. We’ve helped to make real differences for each of those clients and, in the process, developed a brand of our own: The Creative Café. Like an actual café, we provide exceptional service, an atmosphere for free-flowing thinking, creative flair and, on occasion, good food. Thus, the Creative Café was born. Currently the agency is ranked as the 24th largest in the Pittsburgh region, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. At Elisco Advertising, our belief is that everyone is creative, so we encourage an environment of complete collaboration. Great ideas can and do come from just about anywhere. Diverse perspectives, quirkiness and the right environment help us cook up creative that works for our clients. Our clients are always welcome at the table and are an essential ingredient of our creative process, from the beginning to the final product. We thrive through the combination of big-agency talent and the benefits of a small-agency mentality. This type of thinking allows us to quickly adapt to our clients’ needs. Being nimble starts with a shared mindset and an openness to change, which is what keeps us and our work fresh.
  71. Our niche is the Youth and Young men market
  72. Developed technology that supports the business development & sales process in educating both the account manager and client better understand ( impart knowledge, retain knowledge & buy) our services.
  73. Nimble.
  74. Experts in converging traditional, interactive and social media. Create, Converge, Connect.
  75. Sustainability, green marketing and cause marketing.
  76. Strictly focused on B2B marketing of technical and industrial products.
  77. Unique Mix of Disciplines. There are a lot of traditional agencies that can deliver consumer insights, advertising and promotion. And many specialized agencies that can deliver shopper-focused retail programs. But rarely can you find both under one roof. Upshot has a rare blend of competencies perfectly suited for today’s and tomorrow’s marketing worlds. This combination allows us to create media neutral ideas that extend at all points of contact from the home to the store and everywhere in between.
  78. We focus on giant ideas.
  79. Entirely focused on Life Sciences/technology companies with the capability to implement “brand to demand” processes and programs.
  80. We make sure our clients know we’re not just Wii playing d-bags.
  81. Proprietary network of opted in professionals.
  82. We have real social media success and we offer analytic tools.
  83. Smart strategy, distinctive design.
  84. We advertise 5 to 9 brands (positioning complements of Michael Gass consulting!
  85. Our culture. Fiercely independent and it shows in our tenure and our work.
  86. we’re service start-ups from the very start with services such as retail activation, sampling and distribution before starting with a mass marketing campaign.
  87. We are fully integrated and do media in-house
  88. We sell ourselves as more nimble than the rest.  That may or may not be true.
  89. Help client make the complex sale happen!  Centered around clients and categories in the business to business and “business to channel” spaces with complex go to market distribution paths.
  90. Specializing in broadcast and becoming really familiar with Facebook where the U.S. spends almost twenty percent of online time according to Nielson.
  91. We specialize in advertising and marketing for Indian tribal casinos.
  92. Creative work works harder. We’ve built a reputation in our market as the creative agency.
  93. Health care, universities.
  94. Welcome to the New World. It’s fast-paced, demanding and technology-driven. We can connect with someone across the street, city, country or world in a matter of seconds. Diversity is no longer a barrier; it’s an open door. We can no longer afford to ignore those who are different than us. We must enthusiastically embrace them. We are no longer a specialty agency operating in a niche market‚ we are an agency in a world where mainstream and minority marketing are no longer separate entities. We are the agency for a new world.
  95. We routinely highlight opportunities for our clients by researching, developing and analyzing best practices. Each year, we review food ingredient marketing communications industry-wide—trade pub ads, online activity, national trends, trade shows, published and syndicated research reports, and more—to uncover industry best practices.
  96. We use social, mobile, digital and promotion to motivate consumers and activate brands at various touch points. We call this Involvement .Marketing.
  97. We help  change agents in btob companies facilitate marketingand communications changes within their organization as well as to their extrnal audiences.
  98. Considered considerably more aggressive in the healthcare advertising landscape thank our competitive set.
  99. This is difficult to explain but it comes down to this: We don’t have a complicated “process”. We don’t act like we’re smarter than our clients. We listen and learn. And then we use our brains to create and act on what we learn.
  100. Multicultural experts with technology advantages.
  101. Branded strategic process.
  102. Over the top client service.
  103. We have specialized fields that we concentrate on and have many inhouse production elements not found in smaller agencies ie. TV video production
  104. Big city creative, small town prices.
  105. Yes – expertise on board.
  106. We have deemed ourselves as the challenger brand agency.
  107. Lots of big agency experience; better creative / more awards to prove it; we offer everything but printing in-house; we are also very nimble in a lot of industries – we don’t specialize in one or two industries.
  108. We help client build experience brands by creating experiences taht strengthen relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them.
  109. Managing field marketing programs for dealer groups, corporation and franchise groups.  We manage all of the research and details for marketing programs and teach the clients how to track the results along with implementing our own tracking devices to help them realize the decree of success of each plan.
  110. Full service agency with a digital outlook and a cause branding specialty.
  111. Niche of “green” products with b-to-b focus
  112. Focus on research and developing a differentiating strategy before creative development begins.
  113. We are not a production company that merely does videos, print, events, web, etc.  We are a creative services agency with roots in great design.
  114. Integrated strategies for traditional and internet marketing.
  115. Our interactive, database, and social media capabilities are very different than many agencies we compete with.  It has definitely improved our close ratio when involved in new business pitches.
  116. Proprietary form of research.
  117. we are the experts in how physicians and consumers choose health care.
  118. Concentration on businesses within electronics industry.
  119. We position our firm at a total solutions provider in the Internet space.
  120. Strategy focus.
  121. Marketing for the service industry (healthcare, finance, technology, education).  Metaphor marketing based on ZMET.
  122. Potential is great, but perceived impact is lacking.
  123. Have been in business since 1974, are bilingual (English & Spanish), keep clients a long time (average of 8-10yrs). Client’s deal direct with owners, who are also creative not just account reps.
  124. Range of capabilities, focus on planning and problem-solving vs. tactics.
  125. We are focused on the travel category and masrketing premier brands to a more affluent consumer
  126. We’re focused on 50+ marketing.
  127. Only in our ability and interest to serve clients with an annual total marketing spend as low as $100K.
  128. Smart people.
  129. Analytical marketing communications – providing rigorous and quantifiable insights, strategies, process, and results.
  130. We’re the oldest in our category and one of the industry’s founders.  Senior leadership on business regardless of account billings.
  131. We believe we have a unique combination of strategic and creative talent.  We also have a very broad range of experience.
  132. Size, Process, Diversity of clients, Active in all media.
  133. In addition to being a full-service ad agency, we also offer Web design, development, SEO/SEM, social media development and strategic growth planning with a pay for performance option.
  134. Agency works in specific B2B market niche, years of expertise.
  135. We’re all about being good. We do good work. We’re good to work with. We have a bunch of good people and we bring good ideas to our good clients.
  136. We are not a traditional agency–we are a hybrid.
  137. We ask questions before giving answers and we pitch with Passion.
  138. Our agency specializes in integrated campaigns for large retail brands.  We focus on every customer touch point from broadcast to shopper marketing to in-store.
  139. Everything is media
  140. We’re more about business-building ideas, than advertising ideas.
  141. We create different messages than normal to drive people to social media types of websites we create and manage, seeking to build elists for further messaging later.
  142. Category dominance.
  143. we are highly specialized with a focus on providing digital marketing services to the pharmaceutical industry
  144. Social Media monitoring, Engagement and Influencer driven WOM programs
  145. thunder::tech is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in mid market sized companies that are looking for digital, PR, branding and advertising at one agency.
  146. Different infrastructure.
  147. Shopper marketing/multi-channel experts
  148. We think brands are like people. And the actions that make great people are the same that make great brands. Consider the friend who points out the piece of spinach wedged in your teeth. Or the unannounced neighbor who stops by to welcome you to the neighborhood. The more a brand acts on behalf of a person, the more that person is willing to advocate for those brands. We build advocacy that sparks conversations that build brands.
  149. We are a youth marketing agency that focuses on multichannel access and distribution. We have been doing relationship marketing for 15 years and our challenges are adapting our methadology with 21st century technology and systems.
  150. Our agency has experience in several markets across the state, urban and rural, whereas other agencies tend to focus on one or two urban markets.
  151. Our agency positioning is helping “Challenger Brands”.
  152. We deliver from Now to Next. We take plateaued businesses and move them to the newxt level.
  153. Fourteen years working in sports branding, creating unique and powerful brands for some of the largest sports franchises equips us to handle brands within new industries by truly understanding brand positioning and differentiation.
  154. Single bottom line for every form of communication. Highly analytical insight process.
  155. DH Partners Media Planning offers effective social media campaigns, monitoring data and execution services packaged to integrate seamlessly through traditional agency media departments; most social media agencies partner through traditional agency creative or account management departments.  Also offering direct clients (who have no media agency) media discounts through negotiations, to help redirect marketing budgets to internet marketing strategies and/or community development.  Overall goal is to help clients buy ALL media more efficiently & effectively, enjoying seamless integrations of social media tactics & reliable expertise (even if subcontracted) through their trusted traditional agency partner.
  156. We produce exceptional results for our clients by completely integrating the complete range of brand planning, digital, traditional and social marketing services under one roof.
  157. Fully integrated experienced marketers able to deliver in the areas of Interactive // Advertising // Social // Media // Content. Also have identified expertise in Destination Marketing.
  158. We produce exceptional results for our clients by completely integrating the complete range of brand planning, digital, traditional and social marketing services under one roof.
  159. We are known for being highly strategic and deeply involved in helping clients grow their business beyond communications.
  160. StrawberryFrog’s approach to communications is base on the philosophy of “Cultural Movements” – identifying a brand building idea on the rise in culture that engages consumers with the brand beyond just product benefit, and then activating the consumer base, not broadcasting to it.
  161. We have a proprietary diagnostic tool for measurement that largely directs the recommendations for a client’s marketing plan. It delivers a research based direction for expert advice.
  162. Focus on positioning.
  163. We convert branding into buying.
  164. We focus on Sales Communications Effectiveness
  165. We position ourselves as consultants who can help the organization grow revenue and meet other stated goals.  We do not want to be anyone’s ad agency.
  166. We believe we are smart, strategic and connected.  We leverage our connections for benefit as well as our clients.
  167. Smaller and more personal firm of top executives from the larger agencies, giving us an advantage of experienced professionals that stay hands on with the clients’ projects.
  168. Healthcare generalists with strong experience in financial and higher-ed is too vague in my opinion!
  169. Specialize in a vertical market for our B2B business and focus on growing that area. For our CPG business, we fit a niche in packaging design between branding houses and production art facilities.
  170. We specialize in residential and commercial building products
  171. More digital expertise.
  172. All of our employees have been with the agency for ten years or more and 80% of our billing comes from clients who have been with the agency for more than ten years.
  173. We are differnt because we specialize in converting customer insight into brands with impact => measurable results.
  174. Affluent market knowledge and experience.
  175. Brands need to tell a story, and we’re really good story tellers. We deliver amazing results for our clients based on up-front research and insights that drive strategy and execution.  We use strategy, stories, experience and creative savvy to spark national conversations and create lifelong fans.
  176. We base our differentiation on emotionally connecting our clients brand with the audience.
  177. We focus on specific industries. Our approach is “integrative by design” in that we help clients make all activities work better together to meet strategy objectives…even if we don’t actually do each tactic. It’s an open source world. Get used to it.
  178. More global than others with case studies to back it up. Deep experience in a specific area. Digital capacity integrated into general agency. Street smart, scrappy attitude.
  179. Reputation for stellar, measurable ROI, as much as 20 to 1 ROI.
  180. Rigorous focus on specific b2b market niches, plus an integrative approach to combining marketing strategy and implementation.
  181. Focused on ski resorts and private golf communities
  182. Integrated marketing programs with packaging depth
  183. We’re the only agency in town with international experience and a client list from outside New Zealand.
  184. We find a brands story using a proprietary process and map tha story across the consumer’s lifecycle.
  185. We’re a brand alignment firm that aligns a brand both internally and externally to deliver consistent brand experiences for our clients customers at every touch-point.
  186. Tied to sister company that offers research – focus groups, on-line panels, etc.
  187. We combine creativity and business acumen; we have longstanding client relationships; we have an employee-ownership culture.
  188. Category specialty.
  189. My agency provides services to a single category of business.  We prefer to be a real expert rather than generalist / jack-of-all-trades.  Understanding our clients business model gives us a great advantage.
  190. Utilizing traditional marketing techniques to reach clients looking to enhance their nontraditional marketing approach.
  191. Our experienced team provides integrated actionable, strategic marketing solutions.
  192. For a small boutique firm we deliver global execution for global brands whose products, mission and services help people improve the way they live their personal and professional lives.
  193. Our focus is Customer Engagement, across digital and direct marketing channels.