People You May Know for Ad Agency New Business

people you may know for ad agency new business

LinkedIn’s People You May Know feature helps build a targeted network of prospective clients fast.

LinkedIn is an important new business tool, thanks to its’ People You May Know feature.  It has been rated as the second most helpful LinkedIn feature, enabling users to easily build new relationships with potential clients.

People You May Know provides you with a list of people to connect with using LinkedIn’s secret algorithm. From my personal experience, it seems to factor in your personal LinkedIn activities, along with such things as your existing network, profile information, past workplaces and schools you’ve attended.

People You May Know simplifies the experience of growing your online network with its suggestions conveniently grouped on a single page. The new design includes larger profile photos just a persons name, title and company for a simplified experience. It also allows you to connect quickly by sending an invitation with just a single click.

LinkedIn could have called this feature, People Who You Don’t Know. Many of the suggested connections are prospects within my target group, but most are beyond the people that I already know. Even though I don’t know them, more than 3/4 of those I invite to connect will usually accept my invitation.

This LinkedIn tool has greatly expanded my LinkedIn network quickly, allowing me to double my connections in just over a month.  It can do the same for you.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Focus on a very specific target audience. This will continue to improve People You May Know over time to make it an invaluable new business tool.
  • I ignore LinkedIn’s recommendation to only accept connection requests from people you know. I accept everyone who wants to connect with me. Keep in mind that LinkedIn’s search algorithm favors those who are in your network and that influences how prospects will find you.
  • Though I accept everyone who wants to connect with me, I use People You May Know to invite strategically. I’m primarily looking to connect with my prospective client audience.
  • Always be connecting. It’s something you should commit to do on a daily basis. People You May Know makes it easy to stay consisent in building your LinkedIn network in just minutes per day.
  • If People You May Know recommends a person that you would not like to see, just hover your cursor over their image and then click on the x in the upper right hand corner. You shouldn’t their profile come up again.

There is additonal information for the People You May Know feature via LinkedIn’s Help Center.

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