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Thought Leadership, Millennial Marketing and Ad Agency New Business

creating a niche for ad agency new business

How to humanize your agency, build a positioning of expertise and make a personal connection with your best prospects.

This is a guest article written by Jeff Fromm. Jeff is an Executive Vice President at Barkley, which is among the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S. and the largest employee-owned agency. He is the  founder of the conference and co-author of “Marketing to Millennials.”

Jeff is charged with business development for Barkley and in the following article, shares the tactics he has used to gain a positioning of expertise and infuse new business opportunities.… Continue reading

8 Tips That Will Make Ad Agency New Business Easier

make ad agency new business easier

Learn how to accelerate your agency’s positioning, inbound lead generation, network and referral business.

Since 2007, I’ve conducted over 200 new business workshops for agencies in North and South America and Europe. No matter what country, I find there are some common problems when it comes to business development that makes it harder than it needs to be.

Here are some practical tips I hope you find helpful to make new business easier:

1. Personalize your agency.Continue reading

2014 Outlook Survey: More competition ahead for ad agency new business

Mark Sneider RSW Ad Agency New Business

In a recent survey, 63% of agencies state that there will be more competition for new business.

Guest post written by Mark Sneider, Owner/President of RSW/US. 

Most agencies seemed to have a good year last year and most of them that we talked to with seemed to be starting out the new year on a solid footing.

I know in our RSW/US outsourced agency new business world, more of our clients are winning business, more of them are being looked at by marketers we introduce them to, and more of their own clients are dialing up their marketing

All good seems good for now.… Continue reading

Profiling Prospects is Critical to New Business

ad agency target audience

Profiling ensures you’re deploying your time, energy and resources on high probability targets.

The advertising industry has dramatically changed over the past five years. This change has had a tremendous impact on lead generation and prospecting. The power has shifted to decision-makers due to the vast amount of information found online.

Instead of chasing new business, it is now more important to be found by your best prospects.

But, identifying those prospects has been a major challenge for small to midsize agencies.… Continue reading