12 Tools to Test your Ad Agency Website for Mobile Devices

mobile testing tools for ad agency new business

In preparation for new business opportunities it is important that your agency’s website be mobile ready.

The number of smartphones in use worldwide has now broken the 1 billion mark, according to Strategy Analytics.  Only 15% of companies have a mobile optimized site even though Google estimates that there will be more Web traffic via mobile, than through PCs this year.  According to a survey conducted for Compuware, 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

You’ll want to prospects to have an easy experience learning about your agency or accessing your agency’s blog content via their mobile device.

Here’s a collection of best practices, white papers and case studies for your review and help get you started:

There’s nothing like first hand experience so check out your agency’s website on your mobile device. Sig Ueland, contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, pulled together a list of 19 tools for testing your site’s mobile readiness.  You can use any of these following 12 for free:

  1. Gomez
  2. MobiReady
  3. W3C mobileOK Checker
  4. GoMoMeter
  5. iPhone Tester
  6. iPad Peek
  7. Screenfly
  8. Mobile Phone Emulator
  9. The Responsinator
  10. Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Testing
  11. Opera Mini Simulator
  12. iPhoney

You can make your agency’s website mobile ready until you can create the mobilized version of the site.

If you have a WordPress site you can use plugins like MobilePress and Mippin  which will automatically enable mobile users on your website to access a mobile version it. Until the mobile version of Fuel Lines has been developed I’m using a another WordPress plugin called WPtouch to mobilize this site.  There are also a number of online services such as Mobilize Today that will have your website ready for mobile in a matter of minutes.

Click on the following link for Sig’s complete list and description of each: 19 Tools to Test your Site for Mobile Devices

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  1. Craig Lindberg says:

    Michael, thanks very much for addressing one of those ‘blocking and tackling’ fundamentals in a direct and actionable way. Very helpful to B2C and B2B marketers anywhere.

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