10 Reasons to Use Video for Ad Agency New Business

video for ad agency new business

Video can become one of the most effective new business tools in your tool box.

Video allows you to easily tell your agency’s story in a more compelling way than you are able to do through print. You also can use video to create a video blog or post, conduct training, share client testimonials or conduct interviews that attracts the interest of your prospective client audience.

According to Forrester Research, adding video to your agency’s website makes your site SIX times more likely to convert a “browser” into a paying customer. It is also the fastest way to a first-place ranking on Google.

Joel Smith is President and Founder of Comprehensive Media.  His agency has 22 years experience in video production. In Comprehensive Media’s guide to saving money on creating videos, Joel and his team provide these top 10 reasons why you should care about video:

  1. Online video delivers 10 times the response rate of static text and graphics. ~ double click
  2. People stay on websites 5.33 times longer with video. ~ DigiDay
  3. Online shoppers watched 40% more videos on retail websites in 2011. ~ Internet Retailer
  4. YouTube sees 4 billion video views globally every day. ~ YouTube
  5. Product videos make consumers 85% more likely to buy. ~ Internet Retailer
  6. The human brain absorbs 50% more information through moving pictures and sound than the next best medium. ~ Forrester Research
  7. People are 75% more likely to watch video than read print. ~ Forrester Research
  8. YouTube is ranked as the #2 search engine in the world. ~ YouTube
  9. Buyers are 98% more likely to watch a presentation on video than to listen to a sales rep. ~ Forrester Research
  10. 85% of people choose to watch a video about a company online rather than read the rest of the website. ~ Forrester Research

Park Howell, president and owner of Park&Co Advertising and his team, did a great job developing this video that provides a quick peak of the agency:

Click on the following link to review a great mix of video examples created by Park&Co. These videos provide insight into the agency’s culture, highlights events such as their 15th anniversary, interviews with staff and clients, how they are promoting their agency’s focus and passion for environmental marketing and how they are helping make the world a better place – ParkHowell.com’s Videos

The following are three short video interviews of me that were created by McDougall Interactive, a marketing agency in Boston, MA. They were shot in between sessions of a workshop that I conducted for them. It took possibly 20 minutes to shoot using a Cannon DSL camera, some inexpensive lighting equipment a audio recorder and a boomed mic.

An additional resource is the 10 Ways to Save Money on your Next Video, a helpful guide developed by Comprehensive Media, a 22 year old full-service video production company in Brentwood, TN. It is a practical, free resource that will help make the most of your budget and navigate the video production process. You may also want to review their unique service called SimplyVideo, a quick, easy and less expensive alternative to traditional video.

Check out my recent post: Video Editing is Becoming an Important Skill Set for Ad Agency New Business

How is your agency using video for new business? 

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  1. Hi Michael, thanks for the research about the merits of video. I do video production, and the points you reference would be helpful to mention when discussing why video matters. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Nick!

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