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A custom-built international network available “on demand,” at a price every agency can afford.

I recently had the privilege to conduct a Social Media | New Business workshop in London. The event was sponsored by thenetworkone, one of the largest network of independent advertising agencies in the world. There were 9 different countries represented at this event held at The Ritz.

This event was an enjoyable experience  for me. It was rewarding to work  with such a culturally diverse group of agencies. But as culturally diverse as they were they basically had the same problems and struggles with new business.

The principals of the participating agencies that I met through this event let me know how greatly they valued their membership with thenetworkone. I was impressed  by Julian Boulding, who founded the network, and also by Paul Squirrell, who serves as the Network Director. They both are the catalyst for the success thenetworkone has recruiting new members.

I asked Paul to give an overview of their organization and the benefits it provides to advertising agencies in the following brief video.

thenetworkone has relationships with almost 400 agencies in 106 countries .

Key benefits of membership include:

  • The major benefit continues to be the introduction of new business for member agencies.
  • An insurance policy, don’t lose pitches because you can’t help the client in other countries
  • A pro-active opportunity to target international prospects and receive partnership requests from other member agencies
  • Management workshops and training seminars, some provided free of charge or at a cost.
  • An exchange program, where agencies exchange a creative team or an account /planning combo for a month with a thenetworkone agency in another country. A terrific mind-broadening and motivational experience for all concerned.
  • Fast response to market information requests: if we have the information, we will share it with you; if it needs to be bought, we will tell you where, how and at what cost.
  • Knowledge sharing: white papers and think pieces from other members
  • Inclusion in the database of agencies used to develop new business opportunities.
  • Graphic and other materials enabling the agency to present itself as an accredited member of thenetworkone
  • Recommendation of local partner agencies covering 90 countries
  • Support and advice in developing international strategies and creative work
  • A price every agency can afford: just $3,250 USD or £2,100GBP or € 2,500 Euros per year.

For more information on how thenetworkone can help your agency, contact Paul: Additional articles that may be of interest:

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