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Millennial Consumer Buying Power Will Impact Ad Agency New Business

Share Like Buy Conference Jeff Fromm

An opportunity to build new business relationships and meet America’s most powerful marketing executives in person as they share their insights about marketing to Millennials.

This is a guest post written by Jeff Fromm,  EVP at Barkley and Founder of the annual Share.Like.Buy Conference, the largest single gathering of Millennials marketing experts in the country. Conference speakers are tops in their fields, dynamic CEOs, CMOs, VPs of marketing, agency presidents, researchers, analysts, and authors as they report the latest insights into the Millennial generation.… Continue reading

Be Sure to Backup and Protect Your Agency’s Content Marketing Investment

VaultPress advertising agencies backup

Don’t wait for a catastrophic loss of data to start properly backing-up and protecting your content marketing investment.

I’ve been writing for my agency new business blog for 5 years now. It is my passion and livelihood. But it took an event of lost data to make me as passionate about securing my investment.

I have accumulated a significant amount of content, photos, podcasts, videos, links and comments. My blog has become a huge repository of information.

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Is the financial bonus what really motivates your ad agency’s salesperson?

compensation and bonuses for ad agency new business


Raising the discussion about compensation for those charged with ad agency new business.

It is time to re-think how we compensate those “odd ducks” who do what no one else wants to do, selling the agency’s services. The motivation for creating new business opportunities is thought to be fueled primarily by financial rewards, the traditional ‘carrot and stick’ philosophy. If you remove the dangling carrot as an incentive, new business activities will quickly dissipate.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Daniel Pink challenges the ‘carrots and sticks’ philosophy as the wrong way to motivate sales people today.Continue reading

How Ad Agencies Can Use PR to Drive New Business

Don Beehler PR for Advertising Agencies

No other marketing tool replicates what PR can do when it comes to building trust with important audiences.

This is a guest post written by Don Beehler, PR Consultant and author. Don has been a colleague and personal friend for over a decade. He writes a helpful blog to advertising agencies entitled, The Art of Telling Your Agency’s Story.

After more than two decades in the public relations business, I’ve come to believe that the most important thing PR can do for an ad agency is enhance its credibility.… Continue reading

What is your agency doing to meet the escalating demands for digital?

digital marketing ad agencies


Digital is not an idea that you merely ‘check off’ your list.

Traditional agencies should know by now that digital training is critical to their new business success. 

“The market is now ready to take a big step to join, and in some cases even replace, traditional agencies in leading marketing strategy for top brands.” Sean Corocran, The Forrester Blog for Interactive Professionals

Rising to meet the explosive growth of digital, many of the larger agencies are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills.… Continue reading

A Lack of Positioning Makes Ad Agency New Business Harder

lack of positioning makes ad agency new business harder

Creating and maintaining agency new business is often harder than it should be because one key ingredient is often lacking.

Positioning is the foundation of any agency’s new business program. It is also the area that many agencies have not addressed because of either procrastination or, more likely, their unwillingness to make the difficult business decisions.

“Contrary to common belief, all agencies have pretty much the same basic capabilities, and processes. They all claim to have proprietary tools, and they may have different labels for what they do, but the approach is essentially the same at big or small agencies.” – Avi Dan, Forbes contributor who has 30 years of leadership experience with top global Madison Avenue agencies.

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Goodbye Andy

Andy Griffith One of America's Great Story Tellers

The news of Andy Griffith’s passing this morning hit me as though I had lost a beloved relative. Lots of people must have felt the same way. Many are expressing their grief and gratitude to Andy through social media networks for being such a friendly and cherished presence in American life. A good friend of mine, Ken Henley, from Nashville, TN, emailed me the caricature above. Ken works for a large architectural firm in Nashville, TN.… Continue reading

Pixar: 10 Tips for Creating Appealing Stories for Ad Agency New Business

story shots for ad agency new business

A powerful story is your secret to connecting with prospective clients.

Developing the ability to craft compelling stories is an important skill set for agency new business. Stories engage attention and inspire action. I have witnessed my fair share of agency presentations. Most provide thorough content based upon good research, but what is often lacking is emotion. You need to take the time to find just the right stories and examples that will bring your content to life.… Continue reading