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Think Multiscreen for Ad Agency New Business

multiscreens ad agency new business

Keeping up with mobile technology and how it impacts consumer behavior is important because it inevitably effects how ad agencies will be reaching prospects in the near future. 

“Most marketers are still struggling to figure out how to truly capitalize on the opportunities represented by long-form video and — more recently — social content. Now, a new imperative is clear, especially for those spending heavily on TV. Content and experiences that move seamlessly from one screen to another are an absolute must.”  Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media, Razorfish

Consumers’ use of emerging media driven by new technologies is moving at such a lightning pace that it’s difficult for agencies and the brands they represent to keep up.… Continue reading

20 Top Inbound Marketing Resources for the Paradigm Shift in Ad Agency New Business

top 20 inbound marketing

Advertising agencies, PR firms and digital shops should reverse their new business efforts from “Outbound Marketing” techniques to “Inbound Marketing.”

There is a dramatic paradigm shift for acquiring new business opportunities for advertising agencies, digital shops and PR firms. Agencies need to rethink their approach to new business and intensify their focus on inbound tactics, such as creating magnetic content that will attract prospective clients, rather than relying on the traditional interruption model which consumers are responding to less and less.… Continue reading

12 Initial Steps for Ad Agency New Business Directors

12 steps new business directors

If you are charged with developing a new business program for a small to midsize advertising, digital, media or PR agency, then this article is for you.

I’ve often found that new business development people often lack experience. They also usually have responsibilities other than developing new business.

If this is your situation,  I’ve pulled together a list of brief steps to help you to get a jump-start on your new position.

1. Develop a SWOT analysis and conduct staff interviews.Continue reading