Advertising Week: Resources for Daily Reports, Live Updates and Videos

If you can’t attend Advertising Week here are some good resources to follow the events, capture insights and even participate in the dialogue through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.

Oct. 3 kicks off Advertising Week, New York’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders from around the world.

Begun in 2004, Advertising Week now draws over 70,000 people who will attend some 200 events featuring the industry’s best and brightest thought leaders. The panels, programs and parties during Advertising Week are divided among multiple locations.

In honor of the week, The Huffington Post has dedicated a new site to cover the events, news, people, articles, blogs and buzz for the week: The Huffington Post Advertising Week 2011. This is a helpful resource.

Here are a few of the articles and insights from Day 1:

Google and Facebook to Take Advantage of Advertising Week

Both Google and Facebook are announcing new ad formats that each hopes will increase engagement between consumers and brands. According to Bloomberg, Google is launching Web-based circular ads that will “make Internet advertising look more like the Sunday paper.” Facebook is also planning to announce its own new crop of “expandable” ads, Mashable reported.  Read more

For additional updates from Advertising Week:

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