Ad Age: Top 10 Best Places to Work in Marketing and Media

A great work environment is a big plus for ad agency new business.

Ad Age recently released the results of the best places to work in marketing and media. Any advertising agency, media owner or marketer with more than 50 full-time employees was eligible to enter.  Rankings were determined through the use of employer and employee surveys with 150 companies participating and just under 12,000 employee responses. Boston ad agencies dominated the top spots in this years rankings.

Allen & Gerritsen took the top honors. Their offices are located in Artillery Hall, a renovated arsenal just outside of Boston, where U.S. cannons were produced back in the 19th century.  The agency principals credit their positive work environment to:

  • A strong mentoring
  • A valued internship program
  • Monthly “three martini lunch” for staff time Q&A
  • A policy of supporting their employees’ outside interest
  • An atmosphere that promotes wellness.
  • The agency also provides free breakfasts of cereal, oatmeal and Starbucks coffee

Here’s the listing of the top 10 places to work in marketing and media for 2011:

  1.  Allen & Gerritsen, (agency), 120 employees, Boston, MA: Twitter Facebook
  2. BGT Partners, (digital) 175 employees, Miami, FL: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
  3. Digitas, (agency), 2,200 employees, Boston, MA: Twitter Facebook
  4. iProspect, (digital), 850 employees, Boston, MA: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
  5. DataXU, (media) 100+ employees, Boston, MA: Twitter
  6. Ubermind, (digital), 150 employees, Seattle, WA: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
  7. Mr Youth, (marketing), 100+ employees, New York, NY: Twitter Facebook
  8. Airfoil, (PR), 52 employees, Southfield, MI: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
  9. Archer Malmo, (advertising/PR), 100 employees, Memphis, TN: Twitter Facebook
  10. Orion Trading, (media), 300 employees, New York, NY: Twitter
A number of the agencies that made the list are already leveraging their selection for PR purposes, knowing that it will be a huge help in staff recruitment and also with new business.It is appealing to prospective clients that your agency has an employee friendly work environment. Take some time to evaluate the happiness of your staff and explore ways that you can improve their work space and relationships.Click on the following link to  view the entire list of 30 best places to work. You can also submit your agency for consideration for their 2012 list:

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