All you need to know about Apple’s 2011 new product intros

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All of the major highlights regarding Apple’s new product introductions at its 2011 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) can be found in the just released 6 minute promotional video.

Scott Forstall, senior VP of iOS software and Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of iPod, iPhone and iOS product marketing explain the powerful functionality of iOS 5 introducing some of the 200 new features such as the Notification’s Center,  plus new additions to Newsstand, Reminders, iMessage, Photo, Mail, a split keyboard and even the integration of Twitter.

To watch this brief video click on the image above or click here.  To view the WWDC 2011 keynote that features the announcement of Apple’s new library in the cloud –  iCloud service and OS X Lion  click here.

Here are some of Apple’s product highlights that I’m most excited about:

iCloud:  The cloud based system allows users to store music, photos, applications, iBooks and contacts, as well as serving as a platform for Apple’s email servers and calendars. iCloud stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all of your devices.

OS X Lion: Coming to the App Store in July for only $29. It introduces new features that will change the way you use your computer. Features such as Multi-Touch gestures transform the way you interact with your Mac, making all you do more intuitive and direct. full-screen apps that use every inch of your Mac display. Mission Control brings together full-screen apps, Dashboard, Exposé, and Spaces in one new feature that gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything on your system.  Launchpad is a new, full-screen home for all the apps on your Mac.

iOS 5: iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

  • Notification Center. All your alerts. All in one place. You get all kinds of notifications on your iOS device: new email, texts, friend requests, and more. With Notification Center, you can keep track of them all in one convenient location.
  • iMessage lets you send text messages, photos, videos, and contacts to anyone else with one too. It also supports group chats and integrates with the new Notification Center
  • Newsstand. iOS 5 organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in Newsstand: a folder that lets you access your favorite publications quickly and easily. There’s also a new place on the App Store just for newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Reminders lets you organize your life in to-do lists — complete with due dates and locations. Say you need to remember to pick up milk during your next grocery trip. Since Reminders can be location based, you’ll get an alert as soon as you pull into the supermarket parking lot. Reminders also works with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud, so changes you make update automatically on all your devices and calendars.
  • Twitter is now integrated right into iOS 5. iOS 5 makes it even easier to tweet from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Sign in once in Settings, and suddenly you can tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps.
  • Camera. You can open the Camera app right from the Lock screen. Use grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures, and single-tap focus and exposure locks to compose a picture on the fly. Then press the volume-up button to snap your photo in the nick of time. If you have Photo Stream enabled in iCloud, your photos automatically download to all your other devices.
  • Safari. iOS 5 brings even more web-browsing features to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Safari Reader displays web articles sans ads or clutter so you can read without distractions. Reading List lets you save interesting articles to peruse later, while iCloud keeps your list updated across all your devices.
  • Wi Fi Sync. Wirelessly sync your iOS device to your Mac or PC over a shared Wi-Fi connection. Every time you connect your iOS device to a power source (say, overnight for charging), it automatically syncs and backs up any new content to iTunes.

After initially writing this post, I came across some additional information that I thought would be helpful from Chirs Crum, “114 Things You Should Know About Apple’s New Offerings”

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