MAGNET Global Network for Ad Agency New Business

Ad agency networks provide a wide variety of  benefits plus be a boost for new business opportunities.

The MAGNET advertising network collectively bill more than $2.7 billion dollars and the organization’s 39 members are located in major markets across the United States and around the world including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ireland, London, Dubai, Moscow, Munich and Paris.

“It is so exciting to work and assist these talented independent advertising agencies achieve their goal. In a matter of 24 hours, I can connect an agency in London with an agency in California, to Boise, Idaho to Houston, TX for collaboration and work on a specific project. It’s amazing to see the cooperation and work among the agencies.” – Cheri Gmiter, Executive Director, MAGNET Global Network

“I’ve been in MAGNET for over 20 years and it has been my MBA program. I’ve learned so much from my fellow independent agency CEOs and made many life-long friends. My agency and I are better from being a part of this global CEO network.” – David Littlefield, CEO, Littlefield Brand Development

I recently spoke at MAGNET’s Winter Conference at the beautiful Turnberry Resort, Aventura, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale. After traveling in harsh wintry conditions since early November, the conference location was a welcomed relief.

Just like I needed a respite from the snow and ice, agency principals need an occasional break from their isolation, to meet with other agency principals who face the same issues of running a small to midsize advertising agency. There’s usually too much competitiveness for agency owners to ‘let down their hair’ with other agency owners within the same market.

Networks such as MAGNET, provide personal and professional refreshment.

Here are a few of the benefits that I see MAGNET, and similar agency networks,  provides its members:

  • Seminars and workshops on a variety of agency functions: I was part of their New Business Seminar last year. Other educational events would include future trends, planning and strategy, leadership, account planning, digital, media, social media, etc.
  • Research. MAGNET conducts 3 annual surveys on behalf of its members: CEO and staff compensation, Agency costs analysis and billing and agency statistics.
  • Legal counsel that is on a retainer for Network members.
  • Sister agencies that can assist in RFPs and Pitch opportunities. At dinner, one of the members shared that if they had an opportunity to pitch their state’s lottery, a sister agency, with lots of lottery and gaming experience could provide invaluable consultation.
  • A global network of assistance. At our dinner table was an agency owner from Hong Kong who was having a conversation with two other agencies who had clients with interests in China’s market. She offered talked about some of the cultural differences and customs that would be important to know about and offered for her assistance and networks on the ground there. An agency’s global affiliations and networks are becoming more important to clients.
  • Continuing education to improve agency operations and best practices. An agency owner shared with me that he had been a member of MAGNET for over 22 years. He said, “This has been my MBA. All of the training that comes from events such as this and the information that is provided from other members has been a huge help in our success.
  • The camaraderie among the agency owners is what impressed has impressed me the most on the occasions I’ve had to be affiliated with their seminars.  There were friendships that go back over 20 years and the newest members seemed to be as welcomed. Affiliations such as this allow agency owners to tap into the expertise and specialized capabilities of their network partners.

For additional information about MAGNET and the other top agency networks click on this link: The Top 14 List of Advertising Agency Networks

I’m sure that Cheri Gmiter, Executive Director, for MAGNET, would be glad to answer any questions you may have about their group.

Here’s a quick listing of the MAGNET agencies for you to explore:

North America



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  1. Enjoyed your presentation to Magnet, very informative as always. Thanks for the listing of the member agencies as well!

    John McKie,

  2. John,

    Magnet is a special group. Thank you for having me.

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