The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Your agency needs to be prepared for the magnitude of digital growth. Are you ready?

What will the future of advertising look like? The Last Advertising Agency on earth is a short film about what the future of advertising might look like if they don’t embrace the power of digital. Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Tool, Pirate, Rooster and Lunch.


We are likely to see more change to our industry within the next 5 years than has been seen in the previous 50.

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  1. I agree in future everything will be digitalized.

  2. simply the best video, great work

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed. However, there are those of us “old School” agency guys who have recognized the future is here today. The scary part is it continues to change not daily, but almost hourly. It’s not just the explosive growth in digital communication that concerns me; it’s clients not wanting to recognize that they need to spend more time and money studying how consumers are now making choices versus even two to three years ago. The agency that is successful in shifting their client’s strategic approach from selling to communicating with consumers will be the agency of the future.

  4. Thanks for sharing your sights John.

  5. That’s a great piece. Although the fact that it took 5 different groups to get it produced seems to suggest an old school approach. The exact type the video is warning against.

  6. Bob Hoffman says:

    I’m sorry, but the daily, weekly and monthly tolling of the bells for advertising has all the trappings of mass hysteria. Let’s get real. Different media solutions work for different clients. Different messaging approaches work for different clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to promoting or selling products and there never will be. Consultants (sorry Michael), editors and so-called digital marketing gurus (and app developers) must sell the death of advertising as we know it. There’s nothing better than a “straw man” to set on fire as an attention-getting device. (Oh, b/t/w, “straw man” is a classic advertising approach!). Those aspiring to power and influence must declare the old system “dead”. “The sky is falling!” You need to “buy my service”, “subscribe to my feed”, “pay me to think for you”, fill in the blank. The business has always changed rapidly. There is no such thing as revolution in a capitalist system, only evolution into modified forms of capital creation. Just stay alert, stay smart, and keep an open mind. Spend more time on solving real problems instead of working so hard to invent and defend some myth of “collapse”. Things change. Always have. Always will. Adapt. But don’t abandon the tools that still work.

  7. Bob,

    Thanks for the additional thoughts and insights. I agree with a lot of what you had to say and I’ve never recommended abandoning the tools that still work.

    But surely you are not saying that agencies don’t need to be prepared for the growth of digital are you? That was my main point for sharing the video.

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