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Mine Social Networks for Ad Agency New Business

Data mining is an increasingly important tool for ad agency new business transforming data into rich business intelligence, giving your agency an informational advantage.

“The real money in social media might not reside in the ads that sit on Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, but in the data produced by users’ frantic friending and sharing.

Internet users are now spending 22 percent of their time in social media, and Internet activity leaves behind a trail of data: what people like, what they share, and who is connected to whom with similar tastes.

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The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Your agency needs to be prepared for the magnitude of digital growth. Are you ready?

What will the future of advertising look like? The Last Advertising Agency on earth is a short film about what the future of advertising might look like if they don’t embrace the power of digital. Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Tool, Pirate, Rooster and Lunch.


We are likely to see more change to our industry within the next 5 years than has been seen in the previous 50.Continue reading

MLT Creative: Fuel Lines’ Ad Agency Blog of the Month

Congratulations to MLT Creative, Atlanta, GA. Their blog B2B Ideas@Work, was selected by Fuel Lines’ readers as the Ad Agency Blog of the Month for October with 201 votes out of the 409 votes cast.  Second in the voting was 5 to 9 Branding, Cameron Christopher Thomas Advertising, Denver, CO.

MLT Creative, based on the east side of Atlanta, GA, with a Northeast office in Rhode Island, was founded in 1984 by partners Billy Mitchell, Craig Lindberg and Glenn Taylor.

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New Tool: Using Bundles for Ad Agency New Business’s Bundles, a new multi-Link Sharing tool that uses one URL, helps with your content marketing, a key to using social media for ad agency new business.

All of your blog content does not have to be original. I usually write 1 original post/article to every 4 to 5 “resourced” articles.

Your agency’s blog should become a repository of information gathered from across the Web. Your blog should become the one-stop-shop of information for your target audience’s advertising and marketing needs.… Continue reading

Is the Phone Call an Outmoded Communication Tool?

The debate may have switched from “is cold calling dead” to “is the phone call in general dead” for agency new business.

A growing number of persons consider phone calls to be interrupting and annoying. The phone call is rapidly fading as a generation of e-mailing, followed by an explosion in texting and social media, has pushed the telephone conversation into serious decline.

TechCrunch writer, Alexia Tsotsis, recently wrote an insightful article that has been stirring a lot of debate, “The Phone Call is Dead.”

She writes,

“Less obsolete but more annoying than a handwritten letter, the phone call is fading as a mode of communication even if the nostalgic will be singing its praises for a while.”

While Alexia points out that to say something is dead in the tech industry, actually means it’s on the decline, she provides some good points regarding the fall of the call, I’ve also included some of additional data on this topic:

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Fuel Lines: Top 50 Ad Agency New Business Articles

Having reached the milestone of  600 post, I thought it would be good to publish this top 50 post list. I’ve assembled the “best of” FUEL LINES agency new business articles based upon analytics of site visitors and their comments.


  1. Steve Jobs: 10 Presentation Tactics for Ad Agency New Business
  2. Forbes: 20 Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns
  3. Ad Agency CEOs: Social Media Philosophy and Tips for New Business
  4. Ad agency having explosive new business growth by leading with social media
  5. The Top 10 Social Media Questions Ad Agency Clients are Asking
  6. Ad Age: A List of the Worst Agency Websites for IPhones and IPads
  7. Four Ways Social Media is Changing Advertising Agencies New Business
  8. IBM Study: The end of advertising as we know it
  9. The Top 14 List of Advertising Agency Networks for New Business
  10. A Guide for Ad Agencies: The Cost and Servicing of New Media
  11. Social Media “Teaches” Ad Agencies to Promote Themselves the Right Way
  12. Twitter List: 500+ Advertising Agencies on Twitter
  13. The Dysfunctional Client and Ad Agency Relationship
  14. 5 Ways I Use Twitter to Help Ad Agency New Business
  15. The Top 100 Social Brands of 2009
  16. A Simple Twitter Formula for Ad Agency New Business
  17. Social Media Marketing Map Used For Ad Agency’s New Business
  18. Promote Your Ad Agency Through the Recession
  19. Recession Creates Opportunities for Small-to Midsize Ad Agencies
  20. 400 articles on the subject of “Advertising In A Recession”
  21. Does social media end cold calling as an ad agency new business tactic?
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26 Examples of Ad Agency Blogs. Which is your favorite?

The following 26 agency blogs have been submitted for Fuel Lines’ Ad Agency Blog of the Month for October.

Review and vote for your favorite. The winner will be featured in Fuel Lines article and included in the voting for agency blog of the year.

Cast your VOTE by Clicking Here

The agency blogs submitted for the month of October:

  1. 5 to 9 Branding, Cameron Christopher Thomas Advertising, Denver, CO
  2. B2B Ideas @ Work, MLT Creative, Metro Atlanta, GA
  3. Bill’s B2 Blog, Mintz & Hoke Communications Group, Avon, CT
  4. Creative Triage, ABZ Design Group, Charlotte, NC
  5. Daily Axioms, Axiom Marketing, Bloomington, MN
  6. Digitally Approved, Fanscape Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  7. Emotivator, Emotive Brand, San Francisco, CA
  8. Energy Efficiency Marketing, Kelliher Samets Volk, Burlington, VT
  9. Engauge, Atlanta, GA
  10. Fluid’s Big Idea Blog, Fluid Studio, Salt Lake City, UT
  11. L&S Unscripted, Lawrence & Schiller, Sioux Falls, SD
  12. Marketing OC Blog, MarketingOC, Orange, CA
  13. MediaCom Beyond Advertising, MediaCom, London, UK
  14. Nology, Nology Media, Seattle, WA
  15. Oh no, not another agency blog, Brokaw Inc., Cleveland, OH
  16. Outside Voice, Origin Design + Communications, Whistler, B.C., Canada
  17. Overdrive eMarketing Blog, Overdrive Interactive, Boston, MA
  18. Priority Integrated Marketing Blog, Priority Integrated Marketing, Minneapolis, MN
  19. Smart Marketing with Larry Weintraub, Fanscape, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  20. Spring Blog, Spring Advertising, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  21. The Green Detectives, Enviromedia, Austin, TX
  22. The Lead, Padilla Speer Beardsley, Minneapolis | New York
  23. Third Degree Creative, Third Degree Advertising & Communications, Oklahoma City, OK
  24. Trendspottings, NOISE, Milwaukee, WI
  25. We Think.
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5 Ways Social Media Makes Ad Agency New Business Easier

five benefits social media for ad agency new business

Social media is a time saver rather than time killer for ad agency new business.

Advertising agencies were reluctant to participate as social media was becoming mainstream because they saw it as a major commitment of their time without much value to show in return. A lot of negative perceptions of social media has been changed. But, I don’t believe the majority of agencies have yet to appreciate the huge benefit that social media can actually make new business easier.Continue reading

5 Reasons to Celebrate Ad Agency New Business Wins

As an agency owner, it’s important for to be sure that you celebrate new business successes.

New business is tough. Especially in this economy. Life in the trenches for new business is nonstop hard work and often goes unnoticed. For the well-being of your new business team, it is important to stop, take the time to celebrate each new business victory.

Here are 5 reasons to celebrate your agency’s new business wins:

  1. It highlights the importance of new business keeps your agency focused on it for the future.
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