The Top Advertising Agency Associations and Networks for New Business

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A network of  advertising agencies can improve your agency’s new business through collaboration, strategic alliances and  training.

Whenever I speak, I’m often asked to recommend an agency network. There were very few online sources that had collected this type information in one place, so I decided to compile my own list that I hope you find helpful. I’ve included a brief synopsis of information, along with web links, contact information and Twitter accounts for each.

A strong agency network can:

  • Help with new business introductions and attract new business internationally
  • Provide new business training for agency staff
  • Enhance best practices
  • Provide peer groups
  • Improve agency operations
  • Create channels for outsourcing work
  • Assist in implementing research
  • Provide  access to common media and research s
  • Arrange annual conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Provide access to the expertise and specialized capabilities of network partners
  • Arrange for group insurance plans, legal services, etc.
  • Create and share results of business and salary surveys

Here is an ever expanding list of the top advertising agency associations and networks:

4 A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies)

Headquarters: New York, NY


Mission of AAAA: To improve and strengthen the advertising agency business in the United States by counseling members on operations and management, by providing the collective experience of the many to each, by fostering professional development, by encouraging the highest creative and business standards,and by attracting excellent people to the business.

Nancy Hill, President and Chief Executive Officer. For more information on membership, benefits or events, click here Follow the 4As on Twitter:

Agency Management Institute (AMI)

Headquarters: Des Moines, IA


Helping Agencies Grow to the Next Level Agency Management Institute (AMI) is a management consulting business that began in 1995 and specializes in helping owners of small and medium sized marketing communication companies (less than 50 employees typically) move up to their next performance level—and keep improving. Their clients include advertising agencies, graphic design and public relations firms, media service firms and interactive agencies.

We offer workshops, agency owner networks and practical consulting for small to mid sized advertising agencies so they can increase their AGI, bottom line profits and the owner’s personal income by 20-30%.

For additional information you may contact Drew McLellan, email Also connect with Drew via: Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter

Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN)

Headquarters: Viola, KS


AMIN is a global alliance of independently owned advertising agencies. The alliance spans the globe, with member networks in North America, Europe and Asia.

For additional information contact, Janna Sperry Sundby, Membership Manager, AMIN Worldwide: The AMIN Network Blog

Follow AMIN on Twitter:

ComVort Group

Headquarters: Barcelona


Multi-national clients demand and expect a full breadth of services from their global agencies. The ComVort Group is the only marketing communication organization that offers capillary services on a global scale.

Our agencies leverage the ComVort network’s unique structure – as well as their own extraordinary commitment toward their clients – to create custom-tailored solutions that helps our clients succeeds.

For more information about the ComVort Group: T +34 93 555 4882 or

E3 International Agency Network

E3 is an international network of independent brand strategy and communication agencies.

Headquarters: Belgium


Our cultural knowledge and vast range of skills give efficient access to the right talent for international challenges. This enables E3 clients to meet their brand and sales growth objectives for each of their geographical markets in a simplified, effective and unified way. Local and global, just the way our clients want and need it, helping to accelerate their time-to-market considerably.

For additional information, contact, Michael Meier, Schindler Parent at
Follow E3 on Twitter:


Headquarters: Rollinsville, CO


The IN agency network merged with ICOM to form the biggest independent network of 100+ members in 76 countries.  one of the world’s largest networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies.

  • Revenues: (US) $3.5 billion
  • Members: 100+ agencies based in 76 countries
  • Coverage: 95% of the world’s markets
  • Clients: 2000+
  • Offices: 87

Curious about membership? Have some more questions? Click here for the contact page

Follow ICOM on Twitter:


Headquarters: Farmington, CT


INBA is a global network of independently owned, mid-size, marketing communications firms. INBA is represented by 23 members and affiliates in 25 countries.

INBA is international. But not global. That may sound like a contradiction, but we think it’s a distinction. We’re located in key markets around the world. That makes us international. But, unlike mammoth global agencies, we aren’t mirror images of each other. Each of our member agencies has its own personality and capabilities. Each is steeped in the culture and business practices of its home country.

For additional information contact: Peggy Thompson

Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA)

Headquarters: Toronto, ON


The Institute of Communication Agencies, is the not-for-profit association which represents Canada’s advertising and communication agencies. Founded in 1905, the ICA provides proactive leadership and counsel for its members, who account for approximately 75% of Canadian advertising spending, with an economic impact of over $19 billion annually.

For additional information contact:

Intermark Agency Network (IAN)


A different concept in agency networks. IAN (Intermarket Agency Network) is a forum for leaders of noncompetitive marketing agencies to openly exchange knowledge in a collaborative setting. A nationwide association of carefully selected agencies, its members meet twice annually to freely discuss important issues like new business, financials, HR, creativity, growth and much more. No topic is off limits.

For details about joining IAN, contact Ed Kleban, Executive Director, at

MAGNET Global Network

Headquarters: Pittsburg, PA


MAGNET is a collaborative network of the world’s top marketing and advertising agencies. This organization and its member agencies represent more than 800 clients worldwide with total annual billings of more than $1.6 billion USD.

For additional information, contact Cheri Gmiter, Executive Director

Follow MAGNET on Twitter:


Headquarters: New York, NY


Mirren is a network of agencies focused on new business. They provide a new business network and resource center, onsite training and an annual new business conference.

For additional information contact: Brent Hodgins, managing partner. Follow Brent on Twitter.

Second Wind Network

Headquarters: Wyomissing, PA


Second Wind is a powerful information resource designed with one thing in mind – helping smaller and midsize advertising agencies, design firms and related businesses to be better.

Second Wind was founded by former agency owner and entrepreneur Anthony P. Mikes. Mr. Mikes owned and operated design studios and agencies for twenty-five years before launching Second Wind in 1988.

For more information about Second Wind: Phone (610) 374-9093


Headquarters: Boston, MA


We are one of the world’s oldest, largest and most successful networks of carefully selected independent advertising agencies. Today there are TAAN member agencies operating on every continent, in more than 47 markets worldwide.

TAAN is an association of carefully selected, highly talented, independently operated marketing communications agencies in the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia/Pacific. Each TAAN agency is well-recognized in its home market and represents leading marketers in its area. The TAAN network is built with the concept that shared knowledge and intelligence creates powerful insight in addressing the goals of agencies and marketers throughout the world.

For additional information you may contact TAAN President, Peter Gerritsen

Follow TAAN on Twitter at


Headquarters: Toronto, ON


T-CAAN is the oldest and largest network of independent Canadian agencies and has developed strong working relationships with similar groups in the U.S.A., U.K., Japan, Jamaica, Europe and Hong Kong.

Every agency within the T-CAAN network operates as a branch-office, providing fast, top-quality and dependable service for all member agencies. Assistance can vary from the provision of backup services and field assistance to the exchange of creative ideas, research data, or financial information. The objective is to make each member stronger through the free flow of information and resources.

For additional information you can contact the Managing Director (Bill Whitehead) by e-mail at

The Brand Establishment


The Brand Establishment is the recognized brand authority and has trained a national network of small to mid-sized ad and PR agencies, design firms and marketing consultants. Through its graduate-level coursework, alumni hold the designation as the only Certified Brand Strategists in the country. This training has also transformed these shops into the acknowledged brand-building authorities in their markets. Its highly skilled agency members enjoy a well-earned recognition as the new generation of thought leaders in brand development and branding.

Download a copy of The Brand Establishment brochure to learn more or contact Jim Hughes, founding partner, at or call  (949) 633-3254.

Follow The Brand Establishment on Twitter at


Headquarters: London, England


We provide the major advantages of belonging to an international agency network, at a price every agency can afford. Membership benefits include: access a custom-built international network on-demand; an insurance policy, don’t lose pitches because you can help the client in other countries; a proactive opportunity to target new international prospects and receive partnership requests from other member agencies. The major part of our activity will continue to be the introduction of new business to independent agencies.

For questions you may contact Julian Boulding, President, at For membership info, click here TheNetworkOne Blog

Tribe Global

Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


We’re a different kind of tribe.
Born of a different kind of thinking and working.
We’re a group of independent, owner run and managed, award-winning agencies from all corners of the globe.
Entrepreneurial in spirit, quick to embrace change, creatively and commercially focussed.
We work together because we want to not because we have to.
Individually we understand the trends, humour and idiosyncrasies of our own markets, languages and cultures.
And we share that local knowledge with each other. Regularly. And quickly.
You see that’s the beauty of our tribe.
Proud individuals working together, to give our clients business advantage.

Contact Ian Wright, Managing Director for Tribe Global, for more information: By phone +44 7968 393876 or bySkype: family_ianwright.

Worldwide Partners

Headquarters: Denver, CO

Website: Founded in 1938 the Worldwide Partners network now the world’s largest owner-operated agency network: $3.4 billion in billings, 93 agencies, 55 countries across Asia, EMEA, Latin America and North America.

Our mission is clear: We’ll give you more leverage, resources, out reach and firepower than you have as a stand-alone shop without giving up ownership. Whether you have international business or not, we can help you with virtually every aspect of your business.

For additional information contact, Al Moffatt,  WPI’s President and CEO,

Click here to view a list of Independent International Advertising, Direct Marketing, Media Buying, and Public Relations Networks

If you feel that any other agency association/network should be added to this list, please add them through the comments below.

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He is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.


  1. Michael:

    This is a great piece on the value of networks but you missed the network to which our agency has belonged for 25 years, the Intermarket Agency Network. The website is Although the group is small, the very competitive dues make it a great value and I can tell you the members are incredibly supportive of one another. Also, I think your readers would be served by a discussion of the differences between an association and a network. Associations like 4As and 2nd Wind fill a very valuable role but they are essentially open to everyone. Conversely, networks are more like a 20 group that includes agencies that are not directly competitive and thus the exchange of information can be much more candid and forthcoming.

  2. Drew McLellan says:

    You missed a great one – agency management Roundtable. We’ve been a member for over 10 years and it’s changed our business!

    McLellan Marketing Group

  3. Thanks Drew. I’ll add it to the list.

  4. Thanks Thom. I’ll be sure to add Intermarket to the list as well.

  5. dougbrowncreative says:

    As a member of T-CAAN, included in your list here, we at Copeland can vouch for the value of this Canadian organization. We utilize our network partners constantly and not a day goes by when one of us is not in touch with a member agency asking advice, seeking information, sharing contacts.
    As our founder Bill Whitehead Sr puts it (and he’s still at the helm 48 years in) “T-CAAN only works if you work it.”
    Nice to see it included here Michael.

  6. I’m sure readers will appreciate this personal insight Doug. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great list, Micheal. You are always posting such great info. I was wondering if you knew of any other independent networks that are more focused for newer agencies. Maybe one more centered around constant collaboration instead of annual meetings.

  8. Hector Orci says:

    You left out AHAA, The American Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies which includes the majority of US Hispanic agencies.

  9. Send me the info for AHAA Hector and I’ll be glad to include them as well.

  10. fantastic networking and unlimited opportunities.


    jerald stephen
    (COO – India)

  11. looking forward for business eventure of clients interested in the Indian market, as we can partner them in their BRAND building exercise.

  12. Thanks Michael – very insightful as always! I appreciate reading your blog and appreciate the level of detail.

  13. Michael Gass says:

    Thank you Ann.

  14. guzel


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