52 Facts About Social Media for Ad Agency New Business

The following is a treasure trove of information that you will want to have handy as you discuss social media with your agency’s clients and prospective clients.

Danny Brown, co-founder and partner at Bonsai Interactive, pulled together this great resource that you will want to bookmark and handy. Danny does a great job of filtering through a lot of published facts to pull together these 52 from the 5 most popular social networks.

Here are a few tidbits but you’ll want to check out Danny’s article, 52 cool facts about social media, for the rest:

  • The average Facebook user has 130 friends.
  • The average Facebook user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events.
  • Twitter’s web platform only accounts for a quarter of its users – 75% use third-party apps.
  • Twitter gets more than 300,000 new users every day.
  • 80% of companies use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn.
  • The very first video uploaded to YouTube was called “Me at the Zoo”, on 23rd April 2005.
  • YouTube receives more than 2 billion viewers per day.
  • 77% of Internet users read blogs.
  • Bloggers use an average of five different social sites to drive traffic to their blog.

Danny’s blog,  is featured in the AdAge Power 150 list as well as Canada’s Top 50 Marketing Blogs, and won the Hive Award for Best Social Media Blog at the 2010 South by South West festival. I would encourage you to be a subscriber.

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    Thank you so much for sharing the post with your readers, I really appreciate it, and glad you enjoyed. I’m looking to do an infographic with the facts, so that may be a follow-up post sometime soon.

    Of course, with the way social moves, it’ll probably be out of date already 😉

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