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10 Tips for Creating an Ad Agency Blog for New Business

The following 10 tips are my suggestions for creating an ad agency new blog with the objective of generating inbound new business leads while simultaneously building social media capabilities and credibility:

1.  I recommend that you do not incorporate your blog into your agency’s website

Online inbound lead generation is like fishing. You should fish for a particular fish (your target audience) with a particular bait (an appealing positioning that differentiates your agency from the rest) and do your fishing away from the boat (the agency’s website) so that you don’t scare away the fish.… Continue reading

Study: 60 percent of companies using social media have no plan

Does your agency have a social media strategy for your social media efforts? Most agencies have jumped on the bandwagon but appear to be shooting from the hip with no strategy or measurements in place.

Ad agencies and companies are going about social strategy backwards, by first concentrating on the tools and technologies instead of focusing on what they want to achieve.  My understanding of social media and how to monetize it was greatly expedited because my rifled focus on applying it for new business.

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Three Helpful Services Improves Ad Agency New Business

There are three services that are essential to “jump-start” you agency’s ability to generate inbound leads for new business using social media.

Most ad agencies are participating in social media, meaning they have a blog, Facebook Fan page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, but they haven’t connected the dots to generate qualified leads for their new business pipeline. It is primary for agencies to have a focused strategy and a clear objective for using social media specifically for new business.… Continue reading

Vacationing with Social Media and Still Generating Ad Agency New Business

Ad agency new business can be a grind. It’s always good to recharge your batteries by some personal time away. But just because you are taking some much needed time off doesn’t mean your agency’s new business has to suffer. Utilizing social media with a few select tools and tactics can keep your new business pipeline full even when you are away.

I’m writing this post on the last day of a vacation trip  to Key West.… Continue reading

Coach John Wooden: Inspiration for ad agency new business


When you are responsible for agency new business, it’s easy to get down and out. You are in need of a good dose of inspiration periodically. I hope this post will provide you with a spark and also honor one of the greatest human beings of our time.

This post is written in honor of John Wooden, who died in Los Angeles on June 4 at age 99, he was the greatest collegiate basketball coach of all time.… Continue reading

Ad Agencies: Alex Bogusky’s Keynote at Mirren’s New Business Conference

First rule of new business: make a list of the rules. Second rule of new business: break every rule on the list.

If you want to shake up your thinking regarding agency new business and following conventional wisdom, Alex Bogusky, the highly respected creative director for Crispin and Porter Advertising, shares his perspective.

He was one of the featured speakers at Mirren’s annual new business conference in New York. He urged attendees to ‘defy convention’.

“I hate conventional wisdom,” Bogusky said, “conventional wisdom is learning from your mistakes.

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Can you describe your ad agency’s positioning in 30 seconds?

foundation for ad agency new business is positioning

The foundation for any ad agency new business program is positioning.

Positioning is everything. It is a fundamental prerequisite for small and midsize agencies. But it is also the place where most agencies where most fail.

“The common failing among agencies seeking new business is the inability, or unwillingness, to name what they stand for” Bob Lundin, Agency search consultancy Jones Lundin Beals

Brand coach Josh says, “If you can’t say why your [agency] brand is both different and compelling in a few words, don’t fix your statement, fix your [agency] company.”

Can you define your agency’s positioning in a simple statement?Continue reading

5 reasons ad agencies continue to have problems understanding social media

five reasons ad agencies continue to have problems with social media

I’m not the only one that one that thinks most agencies still don’t get the social media.

My personal experience is that most agencies are social media posers. They do not embrace social media for their own agencies yet recommend it for clients. – agency search consultant, Hank Blank, Blank and Associates

Forrester’s recently projected social media marketing spend to increase at an average of 34% a year through 2014. But Marketers are still finding it difficult to locate the ad agencies that are credible and capable within the social media arena.Continue reading

Let Hemingway improve your writing for ad agency new business

A great resource for content marketing, social media marketing and agency new business is Ernest Hemingway, one of my favorite authors.

Hemingway, is among the most famous American novelists, short-story writers and essayists, who won both the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes.  No doubt he would have easily adapted to write for Web and word limiting platforms such as Twitter.

Hemingway  pioneered a new style of writing, simple clear, direct and unadorned. His style is very helpful for content marketing and writing for social media.… Continue reading

The Four Great Laws of Copywriting for Ad Agency New Business


Herschell Gordon Lewis, a copywriting trainer, at American Writers & Artists teaches The Four Great Laws of Copywriting. These are excellent Web writing tips for agencies too generate great content that produces inbound leads for agency new business through social media channels.

  1. The First Great Law gives direction: Reach and influence, at the lowest logical cost, the most people who can and will respond. You can’t target everyone.
  2. The Second Great Law is a caution for sanity: In this Age of Skepticism, cleverness for the sake of cleverness may well be a liability rather than an asset.
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