A Great Ad Agency New Business Tool to Optimize Twitter

75 million people visited Twitter in January alone, over 23 million were from the US. According to Twitter, over 50 million tweets are sent daily.

Twitter is being talked about everywhere. People are drawn to it because of the buzz of its popularity but the majority of people don’t understand its potential. That includes most ad agencies.

My primary objective for using Twitter has been to increase traffic to my blog. Twitter is now the leading traffic generator for FUEL LINES.

There are hundreds of tools that have been developed to enhance Twitter’s usefulness for marketing. The tool that is most helpful to me and the one I use most often for ad agency new business is called Social Oomph.

These are some of the Social Oomph features that I like and use:

  • Manage multiple accounts from one dashboard (your agency’s as well as clients Twitter accounts)
  • Manage an unlimited number of blogs
  • Upload your agency’s blog posts and URLs from an Excel spread sheet, in bulk to Social Oomph
  • Pre-set the date/time range for each post in minutes
  • Automatically shorten post URLs through Bit.ly and track clicks
  • Automate – follow those who follow you in Twitter
  • Automate – unfollow those who don’t follow you in Twitter
  • Purge and filter your Twitter account’s DM box
  • Small monthly fee that is month-to-month, cancelable at any time (more than pays for itself for the time that it saves)
  • Junior level people/interns can be easily trained to use this tool on behalf of the agency and clients
  • You can also schedule your agency blog posts to Facebook, just keep the repurpose level to only a few per day

For Twitter to have real value from a new business perspective for ad agencies, you must have a clear objective and follow a simple formula for use.

To reach my objective to my blog’s traffic and exposing it to a new but targeted audience, I’ve followed Angela Maiers 70-20-10 Twitter Engagement Formula.

70 to 80% of my “Twittertime” is spent sharing helpful information for ad agency new business with my audience. I do this in two ways:

First, I share lots of information from my online reading that I think will be of help to my audience.  I’m able to use some tools such as TwitThis that I’ve placed in my browser bar. When I come across a good article that I think will be of help all I have to do is click on TwitThis and automatically post the article title and tiny URL into my Twitter account.

Secondly, I also share the content from my FUEL LINES blog. I now have over 500 of my own blog post regarding ad agency new business.  I’m able to use Social Oomph to expose these posts to new audiences.

I can easily schedule the date, time and recurrence of each post. With the volume of post that I now have I can publish a different post on Twitter every hour, seven days a week twenty-four hours a day without repetition.  Older posts, that are still useful, have new life. The best posts are often re-tweeted and exposed to new networks of people.

Your Agency’s Blog Posts: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’ve written it, everybody has read it.

Twitter is more than a fad. It is a valuable marketing tool. Twitter tools such as Social Oomph make it priceless for generating traffic and new business leads.

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About Michael Gass

Consultant | Trainer | Author | Speaker

Since 2007, he has been pioneering the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business.

He is the founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC, a firm which provides business development training and consulting services to advertising, digital, media and PR agencies.


  1. Great advice, Michael. I’ve been following your posts for a while and find your insights and ideas on social media and new business extremely valuable. I’m still a newbie Tweeter, but am trying to develop a more regular posting schedule for blogs and Tweets. A new Tweet every hour seems like a lot. Would you really post that often? Wouldn’t your followers feel like you are just dumping instead of adding thoughtful value?

  2. Thanks for the comments Don, very much appreciated. With the amount of content that I have, almost 290 posts, plus adding posts from other sites relevant to my target audience, spreading those out over the course of a week seems to work. That’s in accordance with the comments that I receive from my target audience plus watching “Follows” to “Unfollows.” My following continues to grow organically by about 100 to 150 new followers a week.

    I may get an occasional complaint from either someone that is not really my audience or someone who is only following 50 or less. Most appreciate the rich content as it relates to small-to midsize agency new business and social media.

  3. Thanks for the post!

    A lot of people have been talking about a new scheduling tool to help facilitate business on twitter called Twaitter.com.

    I think their idea is to create an easy to use interface for managing the massive amount of data companies come across when building a Twitter based business campaign.

    They are in Beta now, but their interface is actually quite clean and easy to use.

    I dont know about you, but I find TweetLater’s user interface to be very messy and difficult to use. Its like they took their other blankLater tools and quickly tried to retrofit them for Twitter.

    Personally, I’m going to use Twaitter while in beta and can’t wait for their new feed manager to come out.



  4. Randy,

    Thanks for sharing. I will definitely take a look at Twaitter. I don’t use all of the features on Tweetlater but the ones I use make it the best tool that I’ve found that meets my objectives. They’ve made some major advancements in the past month.

    With so many tools in development it’s just a matter of time before something better comes along, possibly even replacing Twitter.

    Note: I tried Twaitter. It’s a good program but I still prefer Tweetlater (don’t you just love these names). There are much fewer steps in scheduling a recurring post and the dashboard is better for handling multiple accounts.

  5. From your post I came to know some new things about Optimize Twitter as I think there are some new features for me about Twitter which I did not know before.You have well written and I do agree that Twitter is valuable marketing tool.

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