Ad Agency Principals on Point for Agency New Business

Make new business easier for your agency by being positioned as a “thought leader” to your best prospective clients.

Jesse Thomas continues to do a masterful job doing just that. He is the CEO and Founder of JESS3, a young creative interactive agency specializing in social media data visualization. Jesse’s positioning has led to some great opportunities for new business with companies such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, MySpace, Pfizer, Time Warner, NASA, Nestle, Pepsi / Tropicana, the Wall Street Journal and many other blue chip companies.

Just one of the tools that helps in positioning Jess as a thought leader:

The video below was recently created by Thomas, it highlights some remarkable figures and visually depicts the Internet as we know it today. It’s fast becoming a must-watch video for anyone trying to wrap their minds around just how immersed web technologies have become in our everyday lives.

Another example of Jess’s thought leadership was the design of a diagram called The Twitterverse with Brian Solis that outlines the expanding network of applications that function with the popular web tool.

Jesse’s partnerships with organizations such as Social Media Club, Barcamp, AIGA, Mashable, Tech Cocktail, Art Directors Club and WOMMA have further bolstered his agency’s new business success.

You will also hear Jesse speaking at an number of industry events in D.C and NYC, “Lunch n Learns”, workshop leader, conference organizer or leading seminars such as “Blog Design.”

As popular as Jesse is, he also makes it EASY for prospective clients who are looking to collaborate with him, providing his personal email address, through his blog at, Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn, even his cell phone number. How many agency principals are willing to do that?

Jesse understands that he is on point for his agency’s new business. He’s the face of his agency. Prospective clients have a desire to work with people, that they know, like and trust … people like Jesse!

Additional agency principals on point for new business:


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