50 ways to read the news without opening a newspaper

It’s important for agencies and PR firms to stay on top of the changing communications technologies and tools that impact our industry. One PR consultant’s experiment has forced him to discover “news tools” available beyond the printed newspaper.

I came across Adam Vincenzini, a PR consultant’s new years resolution for 2010 and thought it would be of interest. Adam had averaged over 60 minutes per day consuming a variety of newspapers.

To explore the online resources available, he made a New Years resolution that he would not to buy or read a printed newspaper for an entire year. Within the first two months of his experiment he has already compiled this list of 50 ways he can receive the news without reading it in print.

I found Adam’s 10 Mobile-Based ways to get your news very helpful:

  1. Snaptu for mobile (news and apps combined)
  2. Reuters Mobile
  3. Forbes.com Mobile Reader
  4. NYT Media Decoder(for mobile)
  5. IngBoo – “Clutter Freedom” (web and mobile)
  6. iPhone News Apps (top free and paid services directory)
  7. Google News / Mobile
  8. Viigo(the world’s biggest newsroom in your pocket)
  9. Bloomberg Mobile
  10. AP Mobile

Read Adam’s entire list: 50 Alternate Ways To Consume News in 2010 (No Papers Experiment, Day 50)


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  1. adamvincenzini says:

    Thanks for picking up on my post / experiment.
    Although I’m getting a good portion of the news I used to get when I was combining print with other mediums, I am missing a lot – especially news I wouldn’t normally ‘seek’ out.

  2. Thanks for the early update on your experiment Adam. We would enjoy hearing periodically from you regarding your experiences.

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