Advertising Agencies Top 10 New Business Articles of Interest

New Business and social media continues to be the top interests for ad agencies.

There were over 30,000 page views for FUEL LINES in January alone. The most traffic thus far of any month since I started this blog. With the continued recession there is still a lot of interest in new business for agencies. Because many agencies have been late to get on board the social media wagon, they are searching for social media resources that will help them get up to speed quickly.

Articles that generate the most traffic have been those that have addressed the pricing and servicing of social media, examples of companies and agencies use of social media, new business trends, fresh ideas and examples.

Here are the top 10 most visited articles over the first couple of months of 2010:

  1. Ad Agencies: 6 Quick Tips for Pricing and Servicing Social Media
  2. The Top 100 Social Brands of 2009
  3. Add A Fact Sheet for Ad Agency New Business
  4. Edward Boches: 5 questions every CMO should ask a prospective ad agency
  5. Survey: 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook
  6. Skin in the Game: Ad Agency Creates Mini-Mutual Fund of Clients’ Stocks
  7. The Top 10 Social Media Questions Ad Agency Clients are Asking
  8. 12 Blog Writing Tips to Generate Ad Agency New Business
  9. Creating an iPhone App for Your Ad Agency’s Blog
  10. Twitter List: 500+ Advertising Agencies on Twitter


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