Ad Agency Blog of the Month for December: Walker Sands Communications

FootPrints, the blog of Walker Sands Communications, a PR/Marketing agency located in Chicago, Illinois, was selected from 23 other ad agency submissions as Fuel Lines’s Ad Agency Blog of the Month for December. The contest inspired a “friendly slug-fest” with runner-up, BCAD Group, Toronto, Canada but Walker Sands prevailed receiving a whopping 31,252 votes.

“I’ve made phone calls and sent emails. Gone through our entire client list and have asked friends and family for favors. We’ve posted to our blog and commented on others. We’ve tweeted abou the competition, spammed our Facebook friends, and posted in our LinkedIn groups. I even put up a post in Craigslist and promised my fraternity that I would doate a fair sum of money if they agreed to keep voting and spreading the word. As one voting bloc drops off we scramble to find another. And as I invest more and more in this I have a tougher time accepting we might lose.” Mike Santoro, president of Sands Walker

Mike even offered an olive brand to the BCAD Group, to call it a draw, the evening before voting was to end, but he didn’t have any takers.

The Footprints blog will be included for Fuel Lines’s Blog of the Year. Below is a listing of  previous monthly winners agency blog winners:

November: The Duffy Agency

October: Ad Mavericks

September: Brand Cottage

August: AgencyNet

July: The Russo Group

June: 919 Marketing


April: The Creative Department

March: Sapient Interactive

February: Razorfish

January: Zapwater


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