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Add A Fact Sheet for Ad Agency New Business

ad agency fact sheet

Most prospective clients need a quick way to be given ” just the facts” about your agency without all of the fluff.

I’m amazed at how many agencies make it difficult to get past the hype and provide necessary, evaluative information. Some agency websites won’t even include their location and force prospects to do unnecessary research. If they want to speak with someone directly, they are often asked to fill out a form or to email info@. … Continue reading

iPad an Opportunity for Advertisers

Steve Jobs Calls the New iPad “Revolutionary.” The Apple tablet could offer a new way for marketers to reach consumers IF they will seize the opportunity.

It’s good for agencies to stay ahead of the learning curve of communication technology, to know what’s coming down the pike that will impact our industry. covered Apple’s unveiling of the iPad announcement live with Twitter updates from @cnntech and the CNNmoney live blog. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said,

  • “What this device does is extraordinary.”
  • “It is the best browsing experience you’ve ever had.”
  • “It’s a dream to type on.”
  • “This is a magical device, at a breakthrough price.”
  • “It’s unbelievably great … way better than a laptop.”
  • “Way better than a smartphone.
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Study: The hype is real, social media has arrived in business

The Big Question ad agencies want to know, are businesses actually using social media?

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research conducted a nationwide telephone survey  in 2009 of those companies named by Inc. Magazine to the Inc. 500 list. According to the study,

… social media has penetrated parts of the business world at a tremendous speed.

The report also shows that the fastest growing private companies are adopting social media 4 times faster than the largest public companies.… Continue reading

Survey: 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook

The Rise of Digital … is your ad agency digitally prepared?

“This is a changing of the guard,” said Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO of Denuo Group and chief innovation officer for Publicis Groupe Media. “If you look back 20, 30 years ago, the major (media) companies would probably be print-based. Then they move to basically be broadcast based. Now we’re looking at companies that have basically digital or technology underpinnings.“

The 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook survey, conducted by The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), which polled in excess of a thousand executives from major global brands, traditional and Digital agencies, vendor and service providers that operate in the Digital space, as well as freelance and independent Digital practitioners.… Continue reading

Walker Sands: Voted Top Ad Agency Blog of the Year

FootPrints, the blog of Walker Sands Communications, a PR/Marketing agency located in Chicago, Illinois, was selected as Fuel Lines’s Ad Agency Blog of the Year for 2009. Walker Sands received 33% of the 1,544 votes cast. The agency has particularly extensive experience working with high-tech and business-to-business firms with complex messaging in need of clarification.

Some of their recent posts:

A special thanks to all of the agencies that participated this past year which spawned some good natured competitiveness, a bit of friendly ribbing that kept this a fun exercise.… Continue reading

Advertising: Social Media Radically Accelerates Consumer Decision Cycle

Agencies are often behind the social media curve and even behind their clients in its use. Where is the advertising agencies leadership?

Barbara Bacci Mirque, executive vice president of the Association of National Advertisers, ANA, recently observed that “more and more advertisers are leading their agencies into new media, not the other way around,”

“If the ad community and marketing community with all of its creative and intelligent minds cannot find a solution for using, effectively using, social networks and user-generated content, it will be the greatest loss to the advertising and marketing business that we’ve ever experienced.” Jack Myers, a leading media analyst

This is an enlightening Ad Age Video reinvention of skiing resort marketing. … Continue reading

Ad Agencies: 2010 Mirren New Business Conference

Mirren Business Development, is one of the premiere new business conferences for small-to mid-size ad agencies, marketing, public relations and digital agencies.  Over 400 agencies from across the country will be participating in this years conference, April 12-14, in New York.  See the full AGENDA of sessions and SPEAKERS and REGISTRATION information.

I’m scheduled to speak on Wednesday, April 14 for a 1:30 pm session. Let me know if you plan to attend and lets start networking prior to conference through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.… Continue reading

Ad Age: Clients Change Ad Agencies Like they Change Underwear

Agencies only have themselves to blame … making it too easy for the client to bully us  and only agencies can stop the madness of and their mistreatment from the review process.

The following are just a couple of the quotes from Rupal Parekh’s recent Ad Age article, “Serial Reviewers’ Risk Brand Damage, Fewer Shops Willing to Pitch,” regarding a growing blacklist of marketers that tend to put their advertising accounts into review every couple of years.… Continue reading

Skin in the Game: Ad Agency Creates Mini-Mutual Fund of Clients’ Stocks

Clients want more accountability from their Ad Agency. Here’s an example of an agency that has found a unique way to put some “skin in the game.”

A New York advertising agency, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners has created a mini-mutual fund of its agency clients’ stocks that are publicly traded.

“We’ve been hearing from a lot of clients that they want more accountability, they need us to own their challenges.” Lori Senecal, Kirshenbaum Bond president and CEO.

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