2010: The future of magazines and ad agency promotion

Online resources such as Mashable help you stay ahead of the upcoming communications trends that will impact your clients as well a agency new business. An excellent read and video was posted by Mashable writer, Stan Schroeder, on the possibilities of Apple’s Tablet on the future of magazines.

This Sports Illustrated demo is very impressive and deserves a look. Its amazing that magazines are already anticipating the possibilities of a kindle version that could become mainstream.

This can also generate some ideas for how to  using this technology to introduce your agency to your best prospective clients. Lots of possibilities for agency promotion here.

Go to the following link to read Stan’s entire article: Time Inc. Shows Us Their Idea of the Future of Magazines [Video]


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  1. Hey Michael,

    A nice post, very thought provoking…

    Keep them coming.


    Timo Jäppinen

  2. I think this could really affect a whole number of groups in the creative industry. Not the least of which are “still” photographers. They’re going to have to stop thinking in terms of images and start thinking in terms of “images that move”. Could be a really great, wild ride.

  3. I love the dynamic content in this video…makes the pages come alive, and you can select what you really want to read.

    The advertising interest me because as a marketer, looks like we’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our products on the “pages”, and I’m just wondering if people will be able to order right off the page too.

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