Twitter Integrates with LinkedIn a Plus for Ad Agency New Business


Twitter is the leading traffic generator to Fuel Lines. It considerably beats SEO, email and bookmarking directing some 27,000 page views to my blog last month. Traffic is what will help build your agency’s inbound lead generation. So Twitter can be a powerful tool for ad agency new business.

Others are taking note of Twitters potential power for business. LinkedIn has recently announced the integration of its platform into Twitter so that you can cross post between the two services.

Allen Blue, Co-Founder of LinkedIn writes, “LinkedIn has always been about helping you to build your professional identity on the web. The many elements that make up your online professional brand range from your LinkedIn profile to the many professional conversations you’re a part of. Status has proved valuable to our users, from finding new assignments and jobs to kick-starting a global business enterprise.

Now you can amplify those messages by broadcasting them to your audience on Twitter.”

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone discuss the partnership and its value to you.



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  1. nice, i haven’t checked my linkedin account in ages only because i find twitter to be a lot more interesting but now that the two systems are linked it’s going to save me a lot of time and hassles!

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