Ad Agency’s New Business Initiative: $1 Million Brand Ad Campaign

Ad Agencies are battling the recession with aggressive new business tactics.

the russo group

I’ve written a number of times about Jaci Russo and The Russo Group, Lafayette, LA. This full service agency has been fortunate enough to win 14 new clients this year through awareness generated through social media. Their business is up 118% over 2008.


The agency has a new campaign to help companies through the recession by allocating $1 million dollars in branding services for qualifying companies. Interested companies are asked to fill out an online application at Five companies will be chosen and each will have their branding efforts funded with a 50% match up to $200,000 per recipient.

I’m sure that this campaign is a legitimate help to the companies that will be chosen, but it is also helps build good PR and awareness for The Russo Group. Read The Russo Group’s Press Release

Even with the great growth this agency has had over the year, they are not resting on their laurels. They realize that they have an open window to gain market share that is unlikely to be repeated during their lifetime. The Russo Group intends to make the most of it by being aggressive and continuing to press new business initiatives even when the agency is at its busiest.

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  1. Who won the brand-aid?

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