Ad Agencies: Useful In-Depth Data on How Twitter is Being Used

This first in-depth report of the 11.5 million Twitter accounts and how they are using it.


I’ve shared before that Twitter is the leading traffic generator to my blog. I currently receive more visitors to Fuel Lines through Twitter than through SEO or my email newsletter. Part of the reason for this is the growth of Twitter, it more than doubled in one month (Feb. 09). I also have over 15,000+ following my @michaelgass and @fuellines accounts.

Using a simple Twitter Formula that I follow, 70 to 80% of my participation through Twitter is providing new business resources and information for small-to mid-size ad agencies. Repurposing content from my blog and plus providing additional information that I find through my online reading and research.

Recently a social media analytics company, Sysomo Inc. analyzed information disclosed on 11.5 million Twitter accounts. This is one of the first reports to provide the depth of insight of how people are using Twitter. It also provides information on the most active members of the Twitter community.  For instance, a small group of Twitter users account for the bulk of activity. Sysomos discovered that 5% of users account for 75% of all activity, 10% account for 86% of activity, and the top 30% account for 97.4%.

Here are some of the highlights of Sysomo’s analysis:

  • 72.5% of all users subscribed to Twitter during the first five months of 2009
  • 85.3% of all Twitter users post less than one update/day
  • 21% of users have never posted a Tweet
  • There are more women on Twitter (53%) than men (47%)
  • The top 25 users with the highest number tweets on a day at average: singer Tyrese (@tyrese4real with 37 tweets daily), actress Alyssa Milano (@alyssa_milano with 37 tweets daily), celebrity Tila Tequila (@officialtila with 33 tweets daily), tv host Jonathan Ross (@wossy with 37 tweets daily), writer Ryan Penagos (@agent_m with 33 tweets daily), evangelist Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki with 39 tweets daily), and blogger Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan with 43 tweets daily)
  • 85.3% of Twitter users update less than once/day; while 1.13% Twitter users update more than average of 10 times a day
  • 50.4% of Twitter users haven’t updated their status in the last seven days
  • Based on a sample of 20 million Tweets, Tuesday is the most popular day for Twitter activity, accounting for 15.7% of total activity; followed by Wednesday (15.6%) and Friday (14.5%)
  • During the day, the most Twitter activity happens from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (EST)
  • 15% of Twitter users who follow more than 2,000 people identify themselves as social media marketers
  • 65.5% of social media marketers post less than a update a day, compared with 85.3% of the general Twitter population
  • 10% of social media marketers have more than 500 followers, 10.9% have more than 750 followers, while 11.8% have more than 1,000 followers
  • 88% of the most active Twitter users have never missed a day without making at least one update

Read the full report along with helpful charts: An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World or Download a PDF Report

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  2. Michael,
    WAs this report done in 2009? Ive Seen stats that differ in some areas like most popular night is Thursday followed by Friday. I would be keen to see an update on these finding but still very handy

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