Ad Agencies: Google Wave Will Be Another Communications Tidal Wave

google wave logoA new product is on the horizon that will have a major impact upon online communications. Ad Agencies should know about it before their clients do.

It is difficult keeping up with social media. That is an understatement. But for ad agencies principals you don’t have a choice. Instead of continuing to resist change you need to embrace it and create a disciplined approach for knowing what the next new wave that will impact the advertising industry, your clients and agency new business.

With that said, let me give you a heads up. The next big tidal wave will be made available to the general public later this year. It’s the top trending conversation on Twitter and is becoming a hot topic in the daily news cycle. 

Google Wave is a new real-time communications platform. One of the top Google product launches and is expected to redefine online communication. It’s being heralded as the next evolution of email.

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This will be an all in one communication’s tool.  You only need Google Wave open to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, project management, email, etc. It will also replace lots of communications and can easily be embedded into your website or blog

“(Wave) could very well be the game-changing communications tool that everyone has been waiting for.” Ben Parr, Associate Editor for Mashable

To learn more about Google Wave, check out Mashable’s Google Wave: A Complete Guide. Also be sure and sign up for Google Wave updates by clicking here



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  1. ciaoenrico says:

    As a total Google fanboy, I personally wouldn’t mind their creating a dashboard for all of my services. I’ve seen a few different versions of these in the last couple of years, but it would be nice to see one with that clean Google UI.

    That having been said, when Google makes something themselves, (short of Gmail and Maps,) it tends to be disappointing. When they do release it, even though everything the release is “beta,” I hope this is a little less beta than usual. (Maybe it needs to clear Gamma testing first? Hmm.)

  2. Jonathan Sherman says:

    I don’t know about Google Wave right now. While converging different communication platforms into one real-time dashboard sounds appealing, I’ve heard a barrage of backlash from some serious social media enthusiasts. Orli Yakuel mentioned that this was the first time she hated real time. Really. I think platforms converging to a point where you will no longer just have the option to “tweet” are inevitable (ala Facebook Connect).

    However, I think Facebook has a ways to go. My concern is with each platform having its own unique features #hashtags, and shortcuts. How do you converge different platforms with such different features and make them “user friendly”?

  3. Jonathan Sherman says:

    Sorry, typo in the third paragraph, I meant Google

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