What to do if your ad agency isn’t digitally prepared for new business

A challenge to senior agency executives: Create your own digital apprenticeship program.

Tim Williams, author of Take A Stand For Your Brand, encourages agency execs to assure their personal relevance in the marketing communications industry.  He writes,

“Increasingly clients are turning to agencies not only for help but for thought leadership in digital marketing, and only the most progressive agencies are in a position to deliver it.  Agency principals recognize the urgency and importance of the shift to digital, but are personally unprepared for the change.”

Tim suggests a solution to the problem: Create a self-study program that provides a fast track understanding of digital marketing and adapting your agency to the new digital landscape. 

He says, “Think about the digitally-talented people you know and you’ll realize most of them are self-taught. They took an interest in digital and learned it on their own. You can do the same, especially because everything you need to know about digital is online, and most of it is free at sites ranging from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to ClickZ.”

Key  learning outcomes that could be achieved:

  • Have a sound understanding of the general principles of digital advertising
  • Be conversant with relevant technologies, devices and opportunities for digital communication campaigns
  • Understand how to integrate digital into the overall marketing mix
  • Have insight into the operational and logistical challenges that face both the agency and clients in adding digital to the marketing offering
  • Have increased confidence and inspiration to recommend digital solutions to your clients and prospective clients

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