Social Media: How to Generate Leads for Ad Agency New Business

I recently read and interesting blog post article written by Chad Levitt, titled, “Cut Your Marketing Budget to Zero and Still Generate Leads.” Chad interviews the VP of Marketing at, Mike Volpe. Mike shares why traditional outbound marketing is dying and inbound marketing is growing.

Below are some nuggets from that interview that I hope will be of help as you evaluate your ad agency’s new business initiatives.

Outbound Marketing  – “Cold calls, TV ads, email list rentals – is becoming less and less effective because people are becoming better at blocking out those channels with tools like caller ID, TiVo, and spam blockers.”

Inbound Marketing – “Marketing analytics are critical because you need to know what is performing and what is not performing so you can optimize and improve your overall results.”

Outbound marketing still works. But every day it gets more difficult and more expensive. It’s just a frustrating, dead-end experience.” Regarding inbound marketing he says,  “At HubSpot, if you fired the entire marketing team and cut the budget down to zero, we’d still generate a couple thousand leads per month because of the presence we have built over the past couple years.”

Blogging a Top Source for Inbound Leads –  Mike says that their blog is one of the top 5 sources for leads because:

  • The articles written are an important part of their SEO efforts. They have over 400 articles that show up for all kinds of searches.
  • The articles are also an important part of their social media efforts because they give them a variety of interesting things to talk about.
  • Blog articles are a great way to nurture leads.

Hubspot has built an audience of about 9,000 people that regularly read their blog post articles.

Their blog analytics, poll, surveys, comments all provide invaluable insights to their target audience. They understand what works and what doesn’t. What messages resonate and are appealing to their target audience.

Inbound lead generation is much faster, more efficient and affordable than outbound lead generation.  Plus much less frustrating and easier to sustain.

Make sure to visit the New Sales blog to read the entire interview and follow it’s author Chad Levitt on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for my interview here on the fueling new business blog. It was a fun interview with Mike Volpe and I hope everyone learns something from it. The world is changing right before our eyes and it’s going to require different approaches to succeed in the New Sales Economy!

  2. Very insightful Chad and thanks for taking the time to comment. This is indeed a revolutionary time.

  3. Boomerov says:

    Wondering how to find out what the industry average is for new business commissions.

  4. Kevin,

    I wish I could help but I’m not sure what the industry average is. That might be information that AAAA would have.

  5. Hi. Real nice data on MLM Leads. I saw your good blog while exploring yahoo. For the last few days I have been seeking to find more. Particularly anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve witnessed it all and my cousin proceeds pushing her new lead system fad on me. So I’m happy I found you. Best regards!

  6. Based on your knowledge which is a better ROI, email marketing or telemarketing?

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