6 Ad Agency Promotion Ideas

A little creativity to build awareness for your agency can be easily done online for very little cost. 

These are a few of the ad agency promotional ideas that have been submitted to FUEL LINES.  These agencies have been able to generate buzz and build awareness for their agencies that has led to new business opportunities.

  1. “Mindsalt – Magic ‘09 Ball” Used to Promote Ad Agency
  2. Ad Agency Creates Online Film Festival on YouTube
  3. Social Media Marketing Map Used For Ad Agency’s New Business
  4. Promote Your Ad Agency with Social Media Tools – SlideShare
  5. Using Video to Promote Your Ad Agency
  6. ADBOWL: Ad Agencies Should be “Creative” Promoting Themselves

If you have an additional example please share in the comments section below.

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  1. We did a great promotion with iwearyourshirt.com and our business. The promotion was fantastic the microsite for the promotion is http://www.evokmybiz.com. You got to check the virtual tshirt.

  2. Marcel, a French agency in Paris belonging to the Publicis group thanked each and every of their 10,000 fans thanks to a one hour long video posted on their Facebook page citing each fan.

    It went viral and became a Trending Topic on twitter that day.


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