“Mindsalt – Magic ’09 Ball” Used to Promote Ad Agency

One of my daily reads through my RSS feed reader is Jason Fall’s, Social Media Explorer.  Jason is the director of social media for the agency Doe-Anderson. This morning Jason put me onto a another cleaver ad agency promotion created by  Mindsalt, a branding and PR firm located in Louisville, KY.  

Hopefully ideas such as this will spur you to challenge your agency to create some unique promotional efforts that can become inexpensive viral promotions for your agency.



Click to access the “Mindsalt – Magic ’09 Ball”


The full list of predictions can be found on their blog, Pinch of Salt.

If you have a creative agency promotion you would like to share please add it through the comments section of this post.

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“Mindsalt – Magic ’09 Ball” Used to Promote Ad Agency http://tinyurl.com/8344k9 


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