10 Advertising Agencies Blogs, Vote for Your Favorite for November

It’s time for you to vote for your favorite agency blog for the month of November. 10 ad agency blogs have been submitted to FUEL LINES. The winner will be featured on FUEL LINES throughout the month of December.

These are the 10 agency blogs submitted for the month of November:

A Ride Uptown, Mascola/Group, New Haven, CT

BINGenuity, Bing Design, Yellow Springs, OH

Blip, Martino Flynn agency, Rochester, NY

Bolin Digital Blog, Bolin Marketing, Minneapolis, MN

Brunner Digital Blog, Brunner Digital, Pittsburg, PA 

Contact Media Blog, Contact Media, Tampa, FL

Design Buzz, Design Matters Creative Group, Lake Forest, CA

Orange Element Insights, Orange Element, Baltimore, MD

Park&Co Blog, Park&Co Phoenix, AZ

SPURspectives, Spur Communications, Overland Park, KS


Vote Now for Your Favorite

Please note: Anyone may submit an agency blog. It’s up to FUEL LINE readers to decide which agencies are doing it best and truly understand social media.


 Written by All of Us, The Slack Barshinger agency’s blog, Chicago, IL, was selected by FUEL LINE readers as the Agency Blog of the Month for October.  They received 94 of the 196 votes cast. 


Submit your favorite ad agency blog to be considered for Blog of the month for December

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  1. Joe Scaffeillo says:

    Why are there blogs included that are updated bi-weekly or even monthly (Mascola, Design Matters)? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a blog? I, like most people, read blogs for current insights & trends on what is REALLY happening in the industry. Many of these appear to be half-hearted efforts on the part of agencies to create a blog because they have to or because someone told them it was a good idea. Not because they want to do it or because they actually have something meaningful to say. Just my two cents…

  2. Brenda Gelston says:

    We at Mascola Group are very proud of our blog and see it as a way to facilitate a discussion around marketing to affluent audiences. Although we would like to post blog entries more often we don’t want to post something just because “someone says” it should be posted daily. When we have something substantial to say, we will just go ahead and say it.

  3. Joe,

    I’ve invited anyone to submit an agency blog to be included in the monthly review and votes. Some are missing the mark and others are doing a good job of connecting with their audience. I’m happy to let the readers decide which. I’m hopeful that more agencies will understand how to use a blog to reach their best target audience that it must be done in the right way to be effective. Blogging helps us to do what we should be doing all along. Leading with the benefits to our target audience and demonstrating value.

  4. Joe Scaffiello says:


    Please don’t flame up. You are proud of your blog and that is fine. I think you are missing my point, though, and simply taking my comment as a personal attack on your blog, which it was not.

    Please recognise that the whole purpose of my post was to say that, for me, the things that separate blogs from regular websites are:

    1.) The quality of the content
    2.) The frequency with which it is updated

    I, like many, turn to the blogosphere to get the most current information from true aficionados in their respective fields. This is in contrast to the watered-down, filler that many of the “major” news sources and trade papers put out. When I need facts or real insights I want them from someone who lives and breathes a certain subject; not someone whose job it is to meet a deadline and churn out rubbish for a stipend.

    That said, in the spirit of blogs everywhere, I also expect this content with some regularity. It was in this area that I felt some of the blogs on the list were lacking. Teasing the user along is one thing, but to not post with any regularity inhibits any true form of a following from developing. Again, just my humble opinion. Feel free to disagree.

    I’m sure you do a splendid job of “affluent marketing”, as your content seems very relevant and insightful. However, I think you could better state your case as an authority in this field (and likely increase your readership) by posting more than 14 entries in 11 months…

  5. Joe, Brenda: I think it is extremely important to have this kind of dialog. My goal is to help agencies get in the game. They have lots to learn about social marketing and this kind of engagement helps everyone.

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