Promoting Your Ad Agency Using Twitter?

Yes you can actually promote your ad agency using social media.

Agencies such as Off Madison Ave are generating inbound new business leads on a daily basis. Social media is affordable and allows you to test your messages and positioning with your key target audiences. You need to learn how to use these tools and allow your marketing mind to “kick-in” so that you can use them for your clients but also to understand how they can be used to market and promote your agency.

Twitter is a social media tool that I wouldn’t have thought had much application for marketing but I’m now a believer. It is a great marketing tool. I’ve put together a few resources that I thought would be helpful as you explore this tool and learn how it can be used to promote your agency.

This is a great list of Twitter Tools that can enhance your Twitter experience:
140+ Twitter Tools

One of my favorite tools is Tweeter Later. You can keep your Twitter supplied with new tweets even when your not in front of your computer. You have the potential to connect with over 2,000 persons instantly making your blog post, survey, industry or agency news viral. Just keep providing rich content and you will build your following and a great network.

Another tool that has been helpful is Tweet Scan. This tool also provides nice features such as Auto Follow and Auto Reply. Use Twitter Search to find others to connect with. Try typing in “CEO” to see how you can use this tool to build a network of potential clients.

Get others telling your story and recommending your agency.

These are actual Twitters:

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Additional ways to promote your ad agency:

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