Agencies Gaining New Business Opportunities Using Social Media

Social Media is not only a hot topic for clients but can also generate new business for your agency.

I’m hearing from a number of agencies that social media is providing new business opportunities. They are up selling social media marketing services to current clients and increasing new business opportunities with prospective clients. They also are using social media for their own promotional efforts.

A front page article in this mornings edition ofThe Tennessean, Tennessee’s state newspaper: Symphony’s playful ads court younger listeners, campaign uses YouTube, Facebook

Nice publicity for Locomotion Creative’s ad campaign for the Nashville Symphony, using social media.

“We needed to use (Guerrero) to reach all those customers who may not be usual symphony-goers,” said S.A. Habib, founder of Nashville-based Locomotion Creative, the agency that designed the commercials. “We thought he could reach a more youthful market, maybe an ethnic market, maybe audiences that wouldn’t consider going otherwise.”

The campaign has been a huge success for their client and has generated lots of buzz for the agency which has been busy capitalizing on it. Sending an email to their prospective clients with a link to the story. A lot of agencies would let this kind of an opportunity pass without capitalizing on it because they do not do for themselves what they do for their clients.

With the sluggish economy and companies pulling back on their ad budgets, this is actually a great time to up-sell your current clients using new media and gain new business from prospective clients.

Locomotion is on an upswing during a recessionary period. They have prepared their agency to be digitally ready. They have a good understanding of how social media works and how to use it correctly. They are providing fresh thinking for clients and are even using social marketing to build awareness for their agency with prospective clients.

View one of the Nashville Symphony’s videos created for the campaign

This is one of the four 15-second spots produced by Locomotion Creative for the Symphony.

The other three show Guerrero conducting fountains while kids play in them, playing drums with a band, and offering advice on a game of dominoes in a local taqueria. They’re fun and effective. One of the ways in which they’re the most effective is by showing Guerrero in his tuxedo. He’s doing things that subtly undermine the idea that the formal trappings of the concert hall are signifiers of importance and seriousness. Guerrero’s tuxedo is just the costume that he wears.

Update on the Nashville Symphony’s campaign:

It’s hard to say how effective the web marketing blitz has been–the ads posted to YouTube have, as of today, gotten an average of only 510 views each–but whether it’s attributable to the better TV spots, the web marketing, or both, something is working. On July 19, the first day of single ticket sales, they sold $130,000 in single-concert tickets; last year that number was $80,000.

And more good buzz for Locomotion: The Right Kind of Advertising, Part 2

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