Social Media Resources for Small-To Midsize Ad Agency New Business

I attended a PR Newswire Web 2.0 seminar in Nashville. The seminar was led by Michael Pranikoff, director of emerging media for PR Newswire. Michael followed up the seminar with additional information that I thought would be a great social media resource for small-to midsize ad agencies.

Is it the beginning of Social Media for agency new business tactics?

It’s interesting to note that in the preliminary results of the first 200+ agencies that have participated in our 2008 Agency New Business Survey, most are still dependent upon traditional tools to obtain new business.

Agencies Gaining New Business Opportunities Using Social Media

locomotion creative Nashville Symphony campaign

Web 2.0 is not only a hot button for clients but can generate new business for your ad agency. This Nashville agency is creating quite a buzz.

Using Social Media for Advertising Agencies Lead Generation

Your ad agency’s new business program needs to pay attention to social media. Like it or not, Web 2.0 is now mainstream and needs to find its way into your agency’s self promotional mix.

Your Agency’s Most Effective and Low Cost New Business Tool

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in ad agency new business programs. The old way was the agency new business hunter seeking and intercepting prospective clients. Today, it is all about positioning your agency to be found by your prospective client community. When they are ready to engage, they will even initiate the contact. With […]