A Great Ad Agency New Business Tool to Optimize Twitter

Twitter is being talked about everywhere. People are drawn to it because of the buzz of its popularity but the majority of people don’t understand its potential. That includes most ad agencies. My primary objective for using Twitter was to increase traffic to my blog. Twitter is now the leading traffic generator for FUEL LINES.

There are hundreds of tools that have been developed to enhance Twitter’s usefulness for marketing. The tool that is most helpful to me and the one I use most often for ad agency new business is called Tweetlater.

Ad agencies are missing out on Twitter’s growth for new business

ad agencies missing new business opportunities from twitter

My primary objective for using Twitter is to generate traffic to my blog. Twitter is the leading traffic generator for my blog (25,000+ page views for August). There are a number of Twitter tools that will allow you to take advantage of Twitter’s growth for ad agency new business:

How to Generate Traffic to Your Ad Agency’s Blog with Repeat Tweets

Twitter has long outgrown the original intent of its early adopters, establishing relationships with people by answering the question, “What are you doing?” 
My Twitter participation from the very beginning has been from a new business perspective. How to use this new communication’s tool for ad agency new business. The way that I used it has been different than most. At times I receive some criticism from some early adopters of Twitter that I’m not using it correctly.

Social Media Metrics for Ad Agency New Business

This simple statement speaks volumes to the ad industry. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it,” Lord Kelvin.

Socially Benefitting from My Twitter Habits

I’m sitting in front of the flat screen with my laptop halfway watching the new television program “Lie to Me” when I noticed that I’ve formed some habits, Twitter habits. No matter if I’m working or at leisure I’m drawn to Twitter. Is time spent on Twitter worth it?