10 Reading Resources for Ad Agency New Business

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The right reading resources can help fuel your agency's new business. The only constant in advertising is change and that change can dramatically impact your agency's new business development. To maintain success, you have to keep up. That isn’t easy. Especially with this revolutionary change we’re … [Read more...]

The List for Ad Agency New Business

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To begin a successful agency new business program one of the first steps is to identify your best target audience and build a data base of company information that would include contacts. The List is one of the better services that I've used when I was leading new business efforts for a number of … [Read more...]

Jump Start Your Ad Agency Blog Using Email

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  This is a guest post from my friend Todd Knutson, CEO of The List, the most accurate online database of marketing and advertising decision makers in North America. Todd is also the author of a great new business blog, New Business Intel. If your ad agency has or is considering writing a … [Read more...]

Advertising Works: Ad Agency Advertises for New Business

Advertising Agency Advertises

Todd Knutson, CEO of The List, recently highlighted an agency that actually practiced what it preached, An Ad Agency that was advertising its services, even offering a discount during the recession. It worked! When asked by a reporter from the National Post, Ron Telpner, chairman and CEO … [Read more...]

75 Ad Agency New Business articles, posts, reports, surveys and white papers


There is a growing roster of ad agency new business blogs that provide a platform for thought-leaders to exchange ideas, learn from each other and their audience.  From these I have I've created a repository of 75 ad agency new business articles, posts, white papers, reports and surveys … [Read more...]

3 Ad Agency New Business Blogs That Provide Fresh Perspectives

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There are several blogs that will be of help to your agencies new business efforts that I want to introduce. Each of these blog authors has a great amount of experience working with advertising agencies of all sizes for new business and each of them also has a unique perspective. I highly recommend … [Read more...]

Do you buy or build your ad agency’s new business database?


A recent survey reveals that only 34 of advertising agencies and 57% of all other marketing services companies understand how to implement a proactive new business program. A key to any new business program is prospective client database. This is a guest post written by Todd Knutson, CEO of The … [Read more...]