Making Time for Ad Agency New Business

A Calendar for Ad Agency New Business

One of our biggest challenges for new business is knowing work on each day. It’s also the key to lessening the distractions and increasing our productivity. So, the use of your calendar needs to be a priority.

Learn to Say NO for Ad Agency New Business

say no for ad agency new business

To be more successful, you’ll need to be less accessible. Owners of small to midsize agencies are a key to new business. You must manage your time wisely.  Learn to say “no” to the wrong requests and “yes” to the right ones.  This reminds me of the following quote from Michael Hyatt,  author of the New York Times […]

HootSuite Pro for Ad Agency New Business

Hootsuite for ad agency new business

 You can better manage and improve your agency’s New Business | Social Media program using HooteSuite Pro. In a recent survey, time management was one of the top three areas of difficulty agencies were having using social media for new business. There are a number of tools that I recommend to help manage your agency’s […]

A Not To-Do List for Ad Agency New Business

Not To Do List Michael Gass

If you want to have a productive new business program, you must decide what you are not going to do. Most everyone has a “To-Do List.”  But it can be helpful to periodically create a “Not To-Do List.” Simply make an assessment of all of the non-productive things you are currently doing that need to […]

9 Ways to Stay Focused on Ad Agency New Business

focus for ad agency new business

It is hard to stay focused and productive with so many workplace distractions such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and social media. The new business director has to be like the rudder of a ship when it comes to new business and keep it consistently focused on new business. I have been working in ad agency […]

How Do I Keep Up with Social Media?

One of the main reasons agency principals haven’t been as inclined to participate in social media is that they are already over extended with little time for anything additional in their professional or personal lives. When they make time to participate and understand social, is when relent that it isn’t going to go away and will continue to impact our industry. What will make the social media pill easier to swallow is the understanding the multiplicity of benefits it provides.

Google Reader is a Great Time Saver for Agency Principals

Ever since RSS became a standard for publishing material on the web, the way that we received our information changed. User’s don’t have to go find content; it comes to them automatically. There are many RSS Feed Readers, but my favorite is Google Reader which is a browser based application that is easy to use and organize.