5 Ways to Recycle Older Content for Ad Agency New Business

recylce older content for ad agency new business

Continue to generate a great return on your time investment, writing for your agency's blog, by recycling older content. As you write your posts, learn to write “ever-green” to give the content a long shelf life. I recently wrote a post, 50 of the Best Insights from Ad Age’s First Ever Small Agency … [Read more...]

Ad Agency CEO’s Blog – The Ad Contrarian


Social Media = transparency and you can't be more transparent than ad agency CEO Bob Hoffman Recently I was introduced to the blog, The Ad Contrarian, cranky opinions and advice from the CEO of a pretty big ad agency. Bob Hoffman the author is CEO of Hoffman/Lewis advertising in San Francisco and … [Read more...]

It’s Usually the Best Sign When Ad Agencies are Hiring!

Hoffman Lewis Advertising

In the midst of such a long drawn out recession, it's always good news when you hear of an ad agency that is hiring. The best "tell-tale" sign that an agency is doing well is when they are having to fill staff positions due to new business.  Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising in San … [Read more...]

8 Benefits to Writing A Book and Six Ways to Publish It Online


Writing a book a book can put your agency on the map. It benefits new business. When I started my blog I tried to be strategic and think further down the road. Surely there were ways to reuse the content. One of the ways that I identified was a book. I actually outlined a book prior to starting … [Read more...]

How Social Media Impacts Advertising and Marketing


Social media provides such a great platform for collaboration. I've gained a lot of insight by listening and by engaging in online conversations particularly through my blog, Twitter. I love that it is still evolving and all of us are figuring it out as we go. I'm appreciative to the early social … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Help Ad Agency CEOs Develop a Blog


These are my personal opinions, observations and tips that have been honed and refined over this past year.  They are part of my overall philosophy of incorporating social media into an agency's new business program. Social media "teaches" agencies to promote themselves the way they should have … [Read more...]

400 articles on the subject of “Advertising In A Recession.”

BusinessWeek's online Business Exchange now has posted a synopsis and links to over 192 news articles and 202 blog items on the subject of "Advertising In A Recession." This topic is part of Business Exchange idea, suggested by Jessica Sibley.  I've added an additional six "advertising in a … [Read more...]

Fuel for Thought: Ad Agencies Need to Specialize

"Go against the grain. Every agency is trying to convince clients that they can do it all. Instead, be an agency that does only one thing really well. Specialize in retail, or become expert in marketing to Mid-Westerners, or only work on luxury brands, or only do creative work. Find something you … [Read more...]